Friday, August 14, 2009

Made a little trip to break up the work day . . . care to guess where I headed?


I *had* to pick up my overdue BOM's. And so while I was already there, I made it worth my while and did a little shopping. I got an instructional DVD on Baltimore Album quilt appliqueing. I think it will be helpful. It certainly will make me more likely to give the BAQ a shot! I also got a pattern for a Christmas tree skirt with a matching table runner and mini-tree skirt. Cute stuff!!

And then, there's this inclination I have towards baby quilt patterns now . . .

I can't wait to be a grandma!!!!! It's still so strange to see it in print. To dwell on it for any period of time. To think that the child I birthed and raised is now only seven months away from birthing his own child.

It could be very easy to get all caught up in the "what if's". But not if the Lord God is in control -- which He very definitely is! I'm so glad I can let go and let God.

More on that later. If I remember!

Last night I cut the black strips for Ben's Boy Scout quilt. I may work on that for a while tonight. Or the current BOM! I decidedly need to work on a quilt project of one kind or another!

Tomorrow we head to an RV accessories store, and then on to the Watermelon Festival in Russellville, Alabama! Hooray!



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