Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The cake . . .

Gosh, it really was pretty, but I was *so* disappointed in the taste!! I had so geared myself up for this OUT OF THIS WORLD cake -- and it fell short. I wouldn't even put it in the top 10 I've done. It was good, don't get me wrong, but it sure wasn't worth the time, effort, or money that went into it. Lesson learned. I have to say, though, I wonder if it's something I did? The frosting was very good and a great compliment to the dense cake and sweet marmalade filling. But the cake itself was a little on the dry side. And that really surprised me, because you pour this orange juice syrup over it, before it's cooled, to soak in. I was very careful to follow the ingredients and directions to the tee. I dunno.

Poor Todd -- I had really built this bad boy up. He didn't hardly eat anything during the day, so he could afford to go back for seconds, he was prepared for it to be so good! He ate it; but again, it wasn't his favorite. We'll see if the guys at the station eat it.

I will try the chocolate cake next. Let's see what Lew Boyd brings to the table. Hahaha!

We finished up The Return of the King in the RV last night. Todd had figured out how to change the picture so that it covered the entire screen. That was nice! I took a hand towel and some soap over. I really am ready to be there. I want to start moving in. The thing is, we're only taking the bare minimums; the stuff we use on a regular basis. We can't take that stuff over until we're ready to be there all the time! It's quite funny. And truthfully, we can't live in it until we get it leveled out. I think that's very important for the well-being of the RV. Todd is going to split the cable so we can hook it up over there. Fun!

I really want to be able to cook and function in our new space. I need to remember, though, that God works ALL things in HIS perfect time. What is it He's teaching me during this time of waiting? I get ahead of Him *all* the time. So okay, now that I've acknowledged it, I need to be content where I am, and use this time in a way that pleases Him, instead of wasting it wanting something who's time hasn't come!

Easier said than done, but I shall persevere, nonetheless!!

This is a busy week. Tonight I'll go to Stuckey's, tomorrow night Todd's on shift, Thursday night we're going to the Mission Firefly informational meeting, and Friday is open. Saturday, Todd is on shift, so I believe I will be quilting, quilting, quilting!!! Yay-rah! I will work on the 4 BOM squares that I've got, and probably on Ben's quilt. I need to remember to pick up some black thread so I *can* work on Ben's quilt! :) Also, Saturday is the July/August birthday party at Hooked on Quilting . . . I was supposed to go with Tina (she's a July birthday), but I don't think she's going. Boohoo. I'd really like to get some baby quilt fabric, and the backing fabric for Ben's quilt! Plus, Christmas is right around the corner! Ah well; my birthday is coming up too -- I'll take advantage of the discount then!

I'm doing this four-week follow-up study by Beth Moore called Loving Well. I'm enjoying it immensely. God IS love. Love is His very being; His character. God is love, just as I am woman. No emotion I have or circumstance I face changes the fact that I am woman. Same thing goes for God -- nothing changes the fact that HE IS LOVE! What an amazing realization to make and understand!

I celebrate; God is love and He loves me!



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