Monday, August 17, 2009

Yeay! I did finish a BOM square this weekend. Finally! Once I get started, it's no fun to stop. I wanted to be in there (my quilting room) so badly this morning! After I finished my quiet time, I went ahead and started getting the fabric ready for the second block. Next thing I know, it's ten minutes to eight! :)

I'm really wrestling with some issues of sacrificial giving. I know it applies to me, I'm just not sure in what context. I gave a very non-committal answer one time about giving to homeless people/street beggars. I think my thinking was wrong. Who am I to be judge? Only God sees the heart. All I can do is identify a need and tend to it. Thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

I feel a little disconnected at the moment. I want to belong.

We had James, Kim, Jocelyn and Jason over for dinner Saturday. What a fun evening! I love my children and their spouses! I'm so glad the guys are excited about creating a website for the ministry. And us girls can talk girlie stuff . . . like babies, and decorating and cooking! Heaven. What was even sweeter was that we hung for a long time in the RV -- and it was cool. Life will be okay.



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