Wednesday, October 21, 2009

drumroll please . . .

Humph. Evidently the drummer will be rolling for a bit longer. James has decided to *tease* me with inconclusive and noncommittal texts. They know . . . oh yes, they certainly know! But the thrill of holding something over my head is proving too much fun for my son!

All in due time, all in due time.

James did take a dvd, so they could record the ultrasound! I can't wait to see!

* * * * *
Okay. I had off on Monday. I didn't do much productive. I tidied and organized my yellow room; it was in dire shape! There were scraps and fat quarters and loose threads all over the place! I can't even describe everything that was out of whack with that room . . . but no more!

I also finished scanning all of my Celebrate magazines. I got about 50-70 usable pages out of each one. I'd had a copy of the Celebrate Halloween sent to Jocelyn and she loved it! I gave her the spring, summer, and fall issues, since I'd scanned them. For the time being, I'll just buy, scan, and send 'em on to her! :) Works out happily all the way around. She stopped by after work on Monday and guess what she had for me?!?! My birthday present! An iPod and the Bible on CD! I am so excited! I finally figured out how to load stuff on the thing, and for the past two drives to and from work, I've been able to listen to the Word! Love it, love it, love it!

Last night after work I headed over to Flint River for the Madison Baptist Associational meeting. Todd, as the Association's Sunday School director, had a table set-up with all kinds of SS info and helps. I'm so proud of my husband! I slipped into the meeting just as the sermon started for the first half. It was good -- I enjoyed the preaching, but I was sorry I'd missed the Flint River ensemble!

I joined Todd as he manned his table as the messengers went to dinner. I visited with the ensemble for a bit (which was really nice -- I miss them!), and then Todd introduced me to the two gentlemen who are with Rob on the Camp Macoba committee. I think it was important for them to meet me and understand that this was an opportunity I was interested in too! Todd continued to chat with them over dinner and after the meeting started back up. I went on into the service. There was a very nice tribute to John Long, and then there was my favorite ensemble doing congregational singing! The treat of the night, though, for me, was Brother Carl Tate singing "I Sing Because"! It was wonderful! I got to give him a hug last night, too. :)

There was some GREAT preaching in the second half, too -- by a fellow named Earl Johnson. His church joined the association last night. Great, great stuff.

When we got home, Todd shared with me that a date has been set:

NOVEMBER 14th, 2009!!!!

We're moving the RV to Macoba, and moving into it! Life is getting ready to make MAJOR changes!

Reflection time . . .


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