Friday, October 02, 2009

happy FRIDAY!

Even though the day is gray, rainy, and cool, it's still a beautiful day!

Lots of exciting things this week:

1)  I won a prize package!  I was so thrilled -- and it caught me totally off-guard!  I'd forgotten that the drawings for the nine members of the Gum Tree Blog were for September 30th!  So imagine my surprise when one of those members, Jenny, e-mailed me to say I'd won the drawing on her blog!  Hurrah!  Lots of pretty things, shipping all the way from Australia, no less!  I can't wait to play.  Thank you, Jenny of ELEFANTZ!  :)  You can check out my windfall here!

2)  Todd got a call from one of the members on the Camp Macoba committee.  It was very positive and the committee is very interested in having us out there!  He was under the impression we were wanting to move out there in the next THREE WEEKS!  Ummmm.  Wow!  Lots of thoughts to process there.  Pros & cons!  The committee members are going to meet with Todd in another week, and go from there.  There's the possibility we could spend Christmas there, which would be really cool with me, since both the kids are going to Maryland to spend Christmas with my mom & dad.  That's another story!

3)  I have about 50 more stitches and I've finished quilting the table topper for my mom!  I will bind it this weekend and put it in the mail on Monday.  She and my dad are in Corpus Christi, and she didn't want to get mail in her absence.  Good for me!

4)  I got out all the "Fall" totes on Tuesday!  Hurrah!  I pulled out three totes of stuff and lined it up on the dresser in Jocelyn's room.  I kept what I wanted, which boiled down to about 10 things -- the squirrel votive holder, the Jim Shores pumpkin, a wicker pumpkin, a ceramic pumpkin, a scarecrow door knob thingie, a three pillared candle holder, a big black spider (!!!), the acorn basket, and the acorn accents.  I've got some garden flags and a door plaque, too, as well as my turkey cranberry dish and two table runners (one I bought, the other that I made last year and have promised to whichever of my children hosts Thanksgiving at their house first).  My plan is to keep *all* my seasonal stuff to ONE tote.  Pretty extraordinary, if you ask me!

5)  The call came yesterday:  I am working my first shift at Tate Farm tomorrow; a light shift, 11-4.  Should be another beautiful day for it.  The rain is supposed to clear out soon, and the clouds are supposed to be out of here by early this evening, leaving us with a breezy, sunny, cool forecast for tomorrow!  Perfect for a day of fun out at the pumpkin farm!

Tonight, Todd & I are having dinner with Kim & James.  Kim is making her yummy Chili!  Should be a fun evening.  Perhaps tomorrow night, we'll spend the night in the RV.  It's been a week or so.  Todd's on shift on Sunday, so he'll head in after church (which means we can't spend the night out there on Sunday).  I'm still tossing around the idea of sleeping out there by myself; I'll have to do it sooner or later.  I might as well give it a shot now!

Alright -- on to be about the day!

Tenga un buena dia!


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