Thursday, October 15, 2009

nearly there . . . !

Yes! This day is nearly done (at least, the work portion of it is) and then there's only Friday left! Once Friday is put to bed, then it's SATURDAY! And not just any Saturday, I feel compelled to remind you, but the SATURDAY that my husband whisks me away for a fun get-away to destinations unknown! He's been very, very tight-lipped about this whole weekend. Clues are not really forthcoming and I can't even pump my children for info, because he's either (a) not told them a thing or (b) convinced them that they couldn't share *any* news with me! My inclination is that they don't know. What will this weekend bring?!?! All I know is that it's overnight, we're going to church somewhere different, and I need to dress appropriately for the weather. Are you as excited as I am?!? What a birthday this has been -- never ending! I *love* it! :)

I purchased a gift for my S.P. today. She's a Bama fan, so I got her some ear jewelry and a cool cup. Two Friends, the store from which I purchased it, gift wraps, so I let them!! They wrapped it in the hound's tooth tissue and tied it with a red (crimson) ribbon -- very cute! Here's a picture.

Here's also a picture of where I work. Or at least, where I sit, where I work. Why? Because I can. You can definitely tell it's me -- my pictures of flowers, my lady having tea, and my "D". Plus in the corner you can see the snowmen James welded me! (Not to mention my purse. LOL!) Yeah, I work in an iron shop, but I'm still all girlie!

We still haven't heard anything on Camp Macoba. Todd was supposed to meet with the committee today, but due to circumstances, they couldn't meet. We continue to pray and rest in the hand of God! You know, as badly as I want an answer and want resolution, I also am learning to be content to wait, and realizing that the waiting is part of God's plan too.

Tonight I'm off to the guild meeting. I'm looking forward to it -- dinner first with a group of the girls. Should be fun!



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