Friday, February 19, 2010

grand oak . . . day two!

Did you think I wouldn't post today? I'm on *such* a roll, I couldn't stop now!

Today was busy, busy, busy! I started working on the wedding quilt; I have two rows completed. It would go faster, but I have to square each block before I sew them. What I've done looks so pretty, though!

Then I pulled out the BOM that never ends and finished Block 6 (June, which was the wedding) of each version. They are darling, but I was really irritated by the pre-cut fabrics that were included in the kits; some were WAY big, and several were too SMALL! I can cut down the big 'uns, but I've really got to creatively sew to deal with the small ones!

Then it was time for a break . . .

Then I pulled out Sawyer's quilt and did all the math for the sashing and borders and got that cut.

Then it dinner time! Our menu . . .

Another double YUM!

Here is our gracious hostess (and awesome cook) Cindy, standing next to the greatest quilty roommate ever, Susan!

And after dinner, back down for more sewing and perhaps a little fireside chatting . . .
Or up to the home theater room for a movie or two . . .

Can a quilting day get much more perfect? Productive, possibly; perfect?

I think not!


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