Tuesday, February 09, 2010

weekend reflections . . .

Lots of fun this weekend with two baby showers for Kim; one Saturday at her cousin's house, and a church one on Sunday, hosted by Reda. Kim got lots of great stuff for Sawyer! He's going to be such a pampered baby!

Kim is looking radiant and beautiful. It's so cute to see her from the back; you can't even tell she's pregnant! She goes this week for an ultrasound and we should get a more solid idea of when Sawyer will present himself!

The picture with Joc was taken at the Saturday baby shower. Sawyer was being very, VERY active, and Joc happened to catch a kick or roll. Her face was priceless!

Lots of fun food, a darling cake, and PRESENTS!!!

And Joc was responsible for the game gifts. She did an awesome job! I was in charge of games, but I had to leave early. Still, Kim had a darling hostess gift for me; it was an LED candle with a monogrammed P! Fun.

From Saturday's baby shower, Todd and I headed to Grady's B&B in Crane Hill on Smith Lake. Todd spoke on Sunday at Sulphur Springs Missionary Baptist Church. We enjoyed our stay and the church immensely. Grady, the B&B owner, was very effusive. The place was beautiful, too. I thought I had pictures to upload, but I'm not sure where they went! We were not able to spend as much down time as we would have liked at the B&B, and I think we've already decided we'd like to go back for a longer visit.

Early Sunday morning we headed for the church. Todd spoke very eloquently about our ministry and the men present listened intently and even asked some good questions. It always cracks me up -- men always want to know if *I* like staying in the RV at Camp Macoba . . . because it's every man's dream! LOL!

After the breakfast/speaking engagement, we went driving around. I took some funny pictures. We stayed at Sulphur Springs for both Sunday school and the worship service. Their pastor was phenomenal and preached one of the best sermons I've heard in ages. I'll have to detail it out a little, later in the week. It really brought conviction.

Definitely too short of a weekend. Especially since I gave myself the gift of strep. I woke up last night and my throat was on FIRE! I went ahead in and saw the doc and sure enough, I have a strep infection along with a sinus infection (which cracks me up; my sinuses aren't even bothering me). Lovely.

Ah well. Like my son told me today. That's why men don't go to baby showers; so they don't get diseases.



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Cathy Shepherd said...

Looks like you had a good weekend, even if you did end up ill. I would love to hear more of your ministry, and what it entails, if you feel up to sharing.

Tina Wright Photography said...

Hey Lady!... Hope you're feeling better! I so hated to miss "Baby Sawyer's" shower on Sunday... but I had a Photo Shoot that had been postponed from the Sunday afternoon before. I had the privilege of shooting Buckhorn's Baseball Team and that meant finally another "Photography Pay Day"!! Those are tremendous praises in the Wright Household! Yay God!! :) ... Blessings to you sweet friend, and hope to see you soon! Tina :) ...