Wednesday, February 10, 2010

one more from the weekend . . .

I just *knew* I had sampler photos of the B&B where we stayed this past weekend. Time didn't afford us to take all the pictures we would have liked to have taken, but this is a good start. The bed was HUGE and very comfortable!

The room was "The Wheelhouse" and there was a water view from every window. Even at six thirty in the morning it was beautiful! Our room sported a coffee maker, a fridge, and a microwave. The bathroom was *wonderful*! Roomie and comfortable; since living in the RV, I'm all about getting away for a shower experience. LOL!

The downstairs room, "The Fantail," is a bit bigger with a full kitchen. It also opens up to the deck, and has a very short jaunt to the hot tub. The bathroom is smaller, but the shower works just fine, I'm sure.

The picture at the top, right corner of my collage is the view from The Wheelhouse down to one of the gardens. This patio garden had a nice fire pit and overlooked the waterfall. Simply gorgeous. I can't imagine how pretty it all is when things are green and blooming. Only one way to find out . . . !

On another note, the Living Proof Ministries blog is doing a roll call for their online walk/Bible study through Beth's latest book, So Long Insecurities. This book is what the conference that Joc & I are going to in April, at Woodstock, is based on. I've never done a Bible study through blog before; I'm interested and excited to see how it works.

Not feeling great, but certainly not feeling worse. I guess it just takes time for the antibiotics to work their magic. But no mind, this too shall pass. And I am counting it all joy!


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