Friday, February 12, 2010

what a guy!

I'm just gonna take a few well-deserved moments here and brag on my man. He is the total stuff!

Last night (after receiving flowers at work) I came home to a prepared meal. I was so grateful! And let me tell you, my darling man is a *great* cook! We had a hearty stew that was just wonderful. And he cleaned up after dinner to boot.

Then he showed me a picture of what he thinks our next big purchase for RV living should be:

Is that awesome or what???? It actually is pretty cool. It's portable, fits a full place setting for four, and it will SANITIZE our dishes while it cleans them. With all the sickness the two of us have been enjoying over the last two months, that's pretty important. Even when I rinse the dishes in rinse water with Clorox diluted into it, I don't feel like they're as clean as they need to be!

Cute, non? It looks a little like a microwave! I just wanna pinch its cute little cheeks! Ahem. Anyway . . .

So, as if all that (flowers, dinner, dishwasher) is not enough, this morning Todd, my SUPERman, leaves when I leave for work so he can open and shut the gate for me. He's so sweet! So as he walks to the gate, he opens my car door and slips me a little sugar . . . literally *and* figuratively!

What can it be?? I know one thing . . . it's from one of my favorite stores, Two Friends! (I did lots of Secret Pal shopping there.)

A heart-shaped box of Godiva chocolates! Godiva chocolates are my favorite! They even make flowers smell better. Really, they do! Can you believe this husband of mine? Flowers & dinner yesterday, chocolates today . . . gracious!

Yum, yum, yum. This is true love. I am a spoiled, pampered wife. I know I've got it good! You know what the best part is, though? He's such a godly man; he loves the Lord and serves Him with all his heart.

I am blessed.


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