Friday, February 05, 2010

junkies come in all shapes and sizes . . .

Sometime late last year, CBS did a very interesting piece on their Sunday morning show. It featured Madeline Albright; specifically, her collection of brooches. I was fascinated! She's been collecting pins for quite a long time and has an incredible collection! Some, with their stories, are pictured in this Newsweek photo story.

At that time, we were pre-RV and I was contemplating what would go and what would have to stay. I had been thinking I would need to pare down my jewelry -- especially my own pin collection -- but the story on Ms. Albright changed my mind.

I've been a pin collector/wearer for a long time. I've gotten them as gifts from all kinds of people (family, students, friends, etc.) and given them as gifts to . . . well . . . myself! I have lots. I love them because they express how I'm feeling and who I am. Nothing quite says it like a pin.

So today, instead of the normal stuff & junk, I decided to share some from my own personal pin collection . . .

These were all gifts; the big bow, which always makes me feel like a present, was from a student. The scarf bow was from a friend, and the beautiful black, silver and pearl pin was from my Jocey, at Christmas this year.

Both of these were "self" presents. I love the little flower basket--it makes me think of Spring. Plus, I got it on sale for $2! You can't beat that. The silver & gold bow gets lots of compliments.

This interesting group is all old-school. The silver scallopy thing was my Grandma Willie's, the road runner was Todd's mom's, and the white flower was my Grandma Wadleigh's.

The little gold cat was a present for my sister; his tail wags. The computer mouse & cat pin was a gift from a good friend. These are both so me!

And finally (for today's post, anyway) my flag pin/ribbon is standard wear for every patriotic holiday we have. The second, my Navy Good Conduct metal, is one I don't wear too often anymore, but it sure does mean a lot to me.

Fun to wear, fun to share! What can I say? I'm a pin-up girl!!



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