Tuesday, February 23, 2010

happy, happy . . . joy, joy!

I had a very interesting e-mail today . . . it was from an advertiser who thought their products might be of interest to my 'readers' and asked me to take a look at their websites to see if I also though their products might make good giveaways on my blog! How funny! What's even more amusing to me is that the three sites they gave me are all three cooking/kitchen product websites! LOL! Well, while I predominantly talk about quilting, I do love to cook (in fact, I'll share my recipe for sugar free easy cheesecake tomorrow), so I'm going to consider their offer! Yay!

Tonight, Todd & I are taking my sf easy cheesecake to Jocelyn and Jason's home for dinner! I haven't seen my baby girl in ages, so I'm very excited. Plus I get to see Princess Leia! She's such a darling looking (if not acting) pussycat. I have to get my cat lovin' in when I can!

Some interesting things going on in blog land . . .

Julie, over at jaybird quilts, has a listing of all the quilt blogs having give aways that she knows about! How awesome is that? You can simply go to her blog and you've got your one-stop resource! Check out the current listing here.

Rachel, at p.s. i quilt, is giving away a free blog makeover! Isn't that fun??? Check it out here.

Brooke, at Everyday Bailey, is celebrating her darling baby's first birthday! Happy birthday sweet girl!!!

And Amy, from Diary of a Quilter, went on her first-ever quilt retreat this past weekend, too! It sounds like she had almost as much fun as I did on mine!

And lastly, for today, Heather at A La Mode fabric, is celebrating her blog turning one year old. And she is doing it in *style*! She's got two awesome giveaways; check it out here.

So . . . just a few fun things happening out there. Stay tuned for more info on the potential giveaway!!! Whooohooo!


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Rachel's Quilts said...

Sarah over at SewJoy is having a birthday giveaway. You should head over there too. She has 4 things to giveaway. Thanks for the giveaway links.