Sunday, May 23, 2010

good excuses . . .

I've always wondered if, when put in a tough situation, I'd be able to honestly believe that God causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28).

What a praise and blessing that I am able to say, without a doubt, that not only could I say that, but I believed it with all my heart! And still do! My Lord has been so incredibly faithful to me over the past few days.

That being said . . .

Car wrecks are NO fun.


I was involved in a two-car (two people) accident on Friday morning. Luckily, neither of us were life-threateningly hurt.

But . . . I was hurt, nonetheless.

I do have pictures, but I promise I won't show them! LOL! (Even though my daughter suggested I share the gruesome photos/details here.) Let's just say that there were things sticking through my ankle area that aren't supposed to show *outside* the skin. EVER!

Long story short? After a 30-minute surgery and closing things up on Friday, I have to go back for a second surgery in two weeks to have pins and assorted hardware put in place. I've always wanted to have a bionic body part! Not to mention that I'll have a legitimate reason to make airport security go off!

Plus, where the airbag hit my right forearm, it looks like the forearm blades from one of the X-Men heroes. Now if you can trade a car accident for super hero powers and bionic body parts, it's got to be okay, right?!?

As folks continued to come into my little portion of the ER and ask, "What happened?" my children -- who have been an incredible blessing throughout this ordeal -- finally hit upon, "She got attacked by a velociraptor . . . not sure yet whether or not it had rabies." Hey, it made me laugh!

I have a lovely walker to help me get around; no weight on that right foot for at least 12 weeks. TWELVE WEEKS! Ummm. Can we say summer, what, what?!?!

So, no work for a while, no driving for a while (and never driving again my darling little PT Cruiser #2), nothing more than lap quilting for a while; I will be doing lots of reading and surfing ... and enjoying any company that lends itself to visiting with me!!! I enjoyed several hours with my grandson this afternoon, in fact. Talk about GREAT medicine!

I guess I won't be doing much to blog about over the next little while.

But I'll check in and out!


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Asiyah said...

Denise, I am so glad you are alright.

Funny thing...on Friday morning God laid you on my heart for some reason. I recall being at work and around 11 I thought of you. Not in a weird way...more like, hmm...I haven't seen a post from Denise in a while; hope she's okay.

Sorry, I didn't check on you sooner than now. :(

Mend well,
Your bloggy pal Asiyah

Ashley Ferguson said...

I am definitely praying for you! I am glad injuries weren't life-threatening. God bless you and your recovery!

squeeli2 said...

Glad you are posting and keeping us updated. Maybe when you're feeling a good bit better me and my kiddos can pay you a visit! I'm certain we can find plenty to chat about!