Thursday, May 13, 2010

ho hum . . .

I have blog apathy right now.

I don't know why.

I've been doing lots and lots of cool things. Todd purchased tickets to Riverdance, the farewell tour, for me for Mother's Day and we went Tuesday night. It was awesome.

I thank everyone who voted for my quilt in last week's Quilting Gallery sponsored contest. I won! I got a $30 gift certificate which I quickly spent on Christmas fabric. :)

We've been walking most mornings, and it's like my own private good morning concert of birdsong, in surround sound. Plus the honeysuckle are in full bloom, along with the hedgerow, and it smells heavenly. (And I am *sucking wind* by the time we start up that hill, so I'm inhaling that fragrance deeply. So deeply I'm still catching the scent four, five hours later!)

The critters continue to come up Acorn Hill and to the corn in droves, making me laugh at their antics. There were deer and a raccoon up here this evening. A deer would get to close to the coon and he'd run the deer off. Silly things!

I was able to spend quite a bit of time with my darling grandson this past weekend. My heart just swells with love for that precious boy!

Finally I got the right ruler I need to the hexagon quilt a long. Monday will be a quilt-till-you-wilt day.

Work is work. TGTF.

A new whole foods type grocery opened in Huntsville this week. It's called Earth Fare. I plan on visiting it on Saturday morning.

All of the Movie Galleries in our area (in all areas, I guess) are going out of business. Their last rental day is Saturday, and then they're selling all of their stock. Just sayin'.

I started a new online Bible study this week. It's deep and intense and I'm excited about it.

I've even been taking lots of lots of pictures.

I am just tired. And I needed to note this for posterity.



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Asiyah said...

Slow down lady. :) Enjoy life...your bloggy friends will still be here.

Pat said...

I always had hoped to see Riverdance. Was it good??? Our Movie Gallery is now done...they sold things BUT took out all the really good, new releases and did NOT sell I was disappointed at that, although I did get several nice movies at good prices.

BarbC said...

I would love to know what online Bible study you are doing.

Our Movie Gallery closed over a year ago and we bought several really good movies when they sold off their stock. We do NetFlicks these days... not just getting DVDs from them, but watching online. Love it!