Friday, May 07, 2010

vote NOW!

I finally did it . . . I entered one of my quilts in the Quilting Gallery's weekly contest! Every week I look at the theme and think, I don't have anything that would work. And then, when the quilts are displayed for voting, I think, I COULD HAVE ENTERED ONE FOR THAT! LOL! The theme this week is "Mother's Day" and right away I thought of my quilt named "The Grand Hands Quilt"! I gave it to my mom for Christmas in 2008.

If you click HERE, you can vote for any quilt you like . . . but gosh I'd sure appreciate a vote for mine! It's the *last* one listed! This is what it looks like . . .

Voting is open through Sunday evening. I've cast my vote; I won't be back to look until it's over. It's too nerve-wracking!!


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Amy Ekis said...

congratulations on winning! i saw this too late or I would've voted. woo hoo!