Monday, July 05, 2010

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I've fallen so behind in my blogging over the last several months. Though goodness knows I've certainly had the time to blog!

Today I'm battling the urge to have a little pity party. LOL! I'm really ready to be done with this ankle/foot/heel injury and be on with life! But, even though it's been six LONG weeks since the accident, I've got six LONGER weeks ahead of me before I can even begin to put weight on that leg and begin physical therapy. *sigh* I want to drive, and I want to walk around holding my grandbaby, and I want to be able to take a shower without all the fuss, and I want to live in my home again. I want to be able to come and go as I please, and I want to be able to walk through the woods, and I want to be able to stand on my own TWO feet!

There. That being said, I'm incredibly grateful for my husband who's been so very good and thoughtful and sweet during all of this, even though it's made much more work for him, and to my family and friends who've cheered me and brought meals, and just loved on us. I just needed to get a little 'self' out of my system. Thank you for indulging me that paragraph! :)

Saturday we did make it out to the RV, finally, where we spent the day. It was so wonderful to be back home; I've missed it so! Todd did such a great job putting things back together after taking everything off the walls and off shelves to move the RV from one site to the new one ... and our new view out of the picture window is beautiful! We are literally parked on top a rocky hillside. Just beautiful! I believe we've named it Rock Ridge. Or perhaps Rock Biter Ridge. Anyone get the reference???

He put the bird feeders out a week or so ago, but it's slow luring them in to new sites. It took almost a month of having feeders up at the old place before the birds finally came in! We did see a pair of cardinals flitting about . . . they never made it to the feeders, but they were close and it's now just a matter of time!

Yesterday, Todd was on shift, so Jocelyn came and picked me up around one o'clock, and took me to see Eclipse! It was a fun afternoon; I enjoyed getting out and seeing a movie!

Ah, and I wanted to mention that a friend of mine has started a new blog in connection with her quilt shop (which is one of my favorites) . . . her shop is "Hooked on Quilting; and Sew Much More" and you can catch her blog, Hooked on Quilting, right here!

Todd and I started re-watching the three movies in the Lord of the Rings series last week. We've watched the first one and finished the first disk of the second one. I decided it had been way too long since I'd read the books, so I pulled out my copies and started with The Hobbit. It's been better than twenty years since I read it. I'm enjoying it very much; I just finished the chapter where Bilbo meets Gollum and acquires the ring -- I'd forgotten the details of that acquisition and it was fun to read about it.

I did get the stencil so I can finish quilting my Russian block and get that pillow done! But I won't use my sewing machine -- definitely not cast oriented, and I tried and failed with the left foot! Ah well, all the more reason to get some hand work started and finished!

Time goes marching on . . . looking forward to being able to march with it!

Hut - two - three - four . . . !


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Carol said...

So many of the psalms are in the same pattern as your post. "Woe," "God is With Me," then "Praise!" You are not alone! I think it's a healthy way of dealing with difficulty.

Prayers are still with you! And no, I didn't get the reference. It's been a while! :)