Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Wren, Part II

First, let me say Happy April!!!! And, of course, Happy April Fool's Day! I stay away from playing those kinds of jokes . . . I've seen it backfire on waaaay too many a lady who played the "I'm pregnant!" April Fool's joke, only to find she really WAS pregnant a month or so later. Uh uh, not for this nearly fifty-year-old grandma! HA!

The FabShopHop is doing something a little different this time around. You still hop from shop to shop and look for the bunny, but this time, as you claim your win, you have to look for a special quilt block (which will be one of the blocks from the quilt below). Collect all twelve doing the shop hop, then the thirteenth at the end of the month! It's a *very* cute spring sampler; click on the photo to HOP over to FabShop's site for more details!

Don't tell anyone that I sat at my computer this afternoon, between phone calls and customers, and got all twelve blocks. Shhhh! :)

So. Are you familiar with wrens? They are very darling little birds. Very inquisitive and friendly. They seem to like people and are very curious about how we humans live. At least, this has been my experience with them. I shared with you several days ago about my wren & wreath experience and we all had a good laugh. I thought that was the end, but no . . .

Monday evening, my mom, dad and I were making our way back to Camp Macoba and the RV, after a last dinner out with the family. Dad had driven, and he and mom stayed in their vehicle, with the headlights on, so I could get out and unlock the front door with decent lighting. (It is *pitch* black after the sun sets. On a moonless or cloudy night, it's hard to see your hand in front of your face!) I bee-bopped up the front steps and with key in hand, reached for the lock. No sooner had my key touched the keyhole, when out flew not one, but TWO wrens! One from each side of the bunny!

This time, I did scream a little.

Both the birds flew about eight feet away to a tree limb, and perched there, as if waiting for us to get in and close the door, so they could get back to roosting. Well, my mom and dad were spending the night with us, so they had overnight bags and things to bring in; things that took several trips. Several trips that made it convenient to leave the front door wide open.

Do you remember me saying how curious wrens were about humans?

My mom had made a trip inside and was getting ready to go back out to their vehicle, when she nearly tripped, trying not to step on one of the wrens, who was perched at the top of the steps in the doorway. It flew away, and we all laughed at the silly wrens. Then I was carrying some things into the back bunk room, set them down on the couch, and AWAY FLEW ANOTHER WREN!!! In my home! It flew from me, ignoring the open door, and headed back to the master bedroom! My dad was rather taken aback by such a turn of events . . . it's one thing watching nature in your backyard. It's quite another having nature move in with you!

After jogging back and forth and shutting all doors on both sides, and waving a fly swatter like a banshee, I finally herded the little fellow out into that dark night. Where I'm sure he was happy to go, at that point!

Silly wrens! I still love them. I was happy to see them both at the feeders the next morning. They don't hold grudges that I don't want them as sleepover guests!


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Stitched With Prayer said...

LOL, I would love to have seen a video of you with fly swater in hand trying to herd the little bird back outside. Ah, nature!!! Thanks for a smile and a really funny visual image. (I giggle every time I think of it)*smiles*
Have a blessed weekend. Hugs coming your way.