Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bringing home the bacon . . .

My son-in-law, Jason, really did bring home the bacon yesterday, quite literally.

Bacon Roses.
Aren't these fun?!? It was their second anniversary yesterday, and my darling daughter made these bacon rosettes and had them delivered to Jason at work. She got the idea from here, and pinned it to her "Yum Yums" board on pinterest, to save for the appropriate occasion.

Needless to say, Jason -- who's fond of saying, "Everything's better with bacon," -- has now added anniversaries to the list of things that are, indeed, better with bacon (which is evidently a sentiment shared by many men). And he was the envy of his baconless co-workers.

Modern romance -- gotta love it!


4 expressed . . .:

Paula and Mel said...

How fun is that? What a fun and whimiscal idea. My son also has the same saying.

Becky said...

What a creative idea! Need to remember this for DH's BD.

Pat said...

What a FUN bouquet!!! Happy Anniversary (belated) to them.

Anonymous said...

I was relating to a friend yesterday how my wife didn't like to receive flowers because of the cost and the fact that they're temporary. But this I could probably justify. How Great!