Wednesday, June 15, 2011

pluggin' along & happy mail . . .

Today I've been working away at trying to finish up the ministry's summer newsletter. Todd wanted to go to a bigger, more professional look, so I literally started from scratch! Here's a snapshot of the cover page . . .

I'm really pleased with how it looks. We're actually going to print and mail all our copies this time around, but next quarter we'll e-mail it in a pdf format to everyone on our mailing list we've got an e-mail for. Nonetheless, I truly feel like I've spent the day plodding along at the computer.

I think this fellow knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Me: Mr. Turtle, do you know what I'm talking about?

Turtle: Move lady, you're blocking my path!

I got out of his way -- he had a 'look' about him. ;)

I had a happy in today's mail. My Spring Flowers block of the quarter from Honeybee Fabrics. She's got some gorgeous quilt kits going right now. Definitely worth checking out!

I love that as part of my kit, I receive this WHOLE magazine! It's filled with beautiful, beautiful quilts. There's one in there this month that's a crazy quilt of butterflies! How awesome is that?!?

This is the block for this quarter -- The Bearded Iris.

Isn't it gorgeous? Isn't it intimidating looking?!?! LOL! I will not be able to start working on these blocks on a day like today, when I've been staring at the computer screen for so long!

And look at these beautiful fabrics . . .

This is going to be an exquisite block in an exquisite quilt!

For now, I've got my own spring flowers going.

On my own summery table runner!

Happy, happy; joy, joy!


3 expressed . . .:

Sarah said...

The block looks gorgeous but that pile of pretty fabrics *does* look daunting. What a great treat to ge a whole magazine with your kit!

Paula and Mel said...

Your news letter looks great. Good job!
I agree, that block and the fabrics looks daunting. I hope you share the finish with us.
Happy Anniversary.

Gmama Jane said...

Love your little Tablescape and table runner. I am in need of a tablerunner for summer but I'm in the middle of so many projects. I have given up on the BOM..I began in documentary fabrics and have never been in love so I'm going to use the blocks I've made into a runner or something else. I just finished a quilt for Ryan and have to actually quilt it. Plus two quilts for storm victims and another started as a baby gift. Whew!!