Wednesday, June 29, 2011

so fast . . .

Can you believe that this young buck, who graced us with his presence just this morning:

Pictured above with his latest dining companion (who is pictured solo, below) . . .

Was this little guy, less than a year ago? I took this picture August 18, 2010.

They grow up so fast! The group of does that he's traveled with over the past year has finally kicked him out. He had too much antler for them. Hence his new dining companion.

I've got my fabrics laid out and ironed . . .

All ready to sew! The question I still have is which pattern?!? Can you believe I'm still undecided? Ugh.

One thing I did decide was that I actually liked my red better when it was wrong side up.

I like the more muted flower pattern, especially for this project. I'm headed back to the bunk room. I'm not coming out until I'm finished! (Or I have to use the restroom, whichever comes first.)


3 left a comment . . .:

Pat said...

Nice photos of your wildlife there. I have sometimes used the reverse side of a fabric. It seems odd to do that, but sometimes it's a much better choice!

Paula and Mel said...

Love the fabric's. The blue you have with the swirls, I am using in Teal for the signature quilt. How cool is that?
Much luck on picking your pattern. They are all wonderful so you really could not go wrong with any of them.

Mama Spark said...

Love your colors, esp. the swirly blue one!!