Thursday, June 23, 2011

what a great day!

It really was a great, wonderful day. It started when the chain saw crew got here this morning and took out all the downed trees that were blocking the road and trails! Yay! There were three different crews up here -- it was really impressive.

I left the camp around 10:30 and met my Jocelyn at Huntsville Sew & Vac. She wants to learn to sew and start crafting on the sewing machine! Do you know how much that pleases this mom?!? I'd taken my old Kenmore machine in to have it worked on, and it was ready to be picked up. We looked at embroidery machines while we were in there. There were two that I really paid attention to -- one was a Brother and one was a Janome. I'm really, really considering if I want to go there or not!

From there, we headed over to Patches & Stitches for a quick stop into the guild's library. I wanted to pick up a book on postcards. Guess what I found?

Yay! I've got a month to go through it and see if there's anything that appeals to me. Joc was so sweet -- she told me that she thought the two I'd already done were really cute -- why did I need a book? Love that girl! While we were there, we both picked up a fat quarter. She picked up a sweet little floral print by Moda.

From Patches we headed to lunch. I took her to Po' Boys. It's a Cajun style restaurant that's pretty good. She'd never been there before, but I knew she'd been in a seafood mood so I figured this would be a good place for us. I got a shrimp basket and she got a catfish basket, and we shared. :)

From the restaurant, we headed to ... HOBBY LOBBY! I do *love* that place. We were both interested in some stems. I wanted to do a floral arrangement for the 4th and I'd been wanting some sunflowers for an August/September arrangement. Joc helped me pick out my offerings, and these are what I came home and put together:

This will look very pretty sitting on a red, white and blue table runner!

I love this! We used the mason jar, brown bow and pebbles for the flower vases for James & Kim's rehearsal dinner centers. I handed out most, but I saved one because I'd liked the look. Yep, this one makes me smile.

From Hobby Lobby (have I mentioned how much I like that store?), Joc and I headed our separate ways. I hit the post office before getting home. Score!! It was a great mail day! I had two letters and a PACKAGE! Can you say snail mail love? One of the letters was from my darling niece, Ali, who's away at camp this month. The other was from Joc's sweet sister-in-law, who's on mission in Pigeon Forge for the summer. And the package I couldn't quite figure out. I was expecting two things, but this didn't fit my expectations of either. But the initials fit . . . my dear blogging and facebook friend, Paula. I'd seen a darling table runner she'd finished, and when I complimented it, she offered to send me the pattern. But that sure wouldn't have needed a box . . .

Look! She sent me fabric to make it with! And it's oranges! And such a sweet note. I'm so totally touched!
Look at these gorgeous colors . . . aren't they fun???

I can see my sunflower arrangement sitting on these colors. Yes!

And then to wrap it all up, I got an invitation for breakfast on Saturday from my darling hubby. He's so sweet and romantic! He sent me an event invitation via facebook. It was so wonderful!

Yup -- it was a GREAT day!


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Paula and Mel said...

I love the flower arrangments. You are talented!
I knew I had to send you some of the orange fabric. I bought 4 fat quarter packs in CA. last year. I also made a table runner out of some of it. I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to see what you make!
Sew, you have a wonderful week-end.

Sarah said...

You only purchased ONE fat quarter each? Really? Such restraint!

Lovely flower arrangements and lunch sounds delish!

Sarah said...

Wow - how weird to see a link to my little blog on your side bar. Thanks for sharing!