Monday, June 13, 2011

design within reach . . .

Saturday evening I returned home from a long day out and about, and decided I needed to put away the red and pink and white quilted heart that had been adorning my table since February, and work on a more "summery" design.

In less than three hours, this is what I'd come up with!

Even with a cute little back -- I could probably reverse it if I ever felt so inclined! I'm so infatuated with orange right now. It's my color of choice. Why is that?!?

Ta dah! I love what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it. And what's even nicer is that this is an original Design by Denise. LOL! :)

My BOM's are what's on the design table cloth right now. First, here are the two blocks I completed just in the nick of time on Saturday, for a turn in win! (I'm determined to NOT use my Ooops! card this go 'round!)

So now there are ten blocks completed, six to go. I have two sashed and quilted and I need to audition the rest. Well, first I have to decide whether I'm going to do the four corners in the purple, or do the whole thing in the orange (like I'd originally planned). I just think the four corners in the purple would create eye interest.

I do believe that if I go with the purple corner, this block that I finished this weekend will be a purple candidate:

While the other block I finished this weekend will definitely go orange!

Head over to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times to see what other creative genius is flowing in the quilting world!

Last week I watched Sawyer on Thursday, so Kim could run some errands.

He's gotten so big -- he hardly looks like a baby anymore!

He was all about holding that spoon while he ate, too. He held it in his right hand, and ate with his left hand. I wonder if he'll be a lefty or a righty?!?

He loves, loves, *loves* his books! My favorite thing is to sit in the rocker in his room and have him bring me a book and climb into my lap!

Without a doubt -- Neesey heaven.


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Paula and Mel said...

What an adorable runner you made! Isn't it fun to come up with your own design? Oh you should be so proud. :)
You are right... Sawyer is getting to be a toddler. Sad to see them lose that babyness about them but yet so good to know that he is growing up. But no so fast...right? I love this stage of teaching them new things and watching them learn. So exciting!
Enjoy! The time goes so fast.
Oh, orange, huh? Funny how we like different colors at different stages of our life. Kinda like a child. Right now I am into pastels, go figure! Perhaps my second childhood. LOL!
Have a great week.

Pat said...

Your runner is very nice. I was into orange some years back and as a teenager had an orange and yellow bedroom!!! (Now I'd have to add lime green to that if I was to do a room in those colors...LOL) Sawyer does look VERY big now.....cute little man!!!

AnnieO said...

Love the table runner! I like having two sided runners too :) Congrats on so many blocks getting done.