Monday, December 30, 2013

out of the grey . . .

Yesterday, the fog (both internal *and* external) started to lift and Todd and I ventured as far as the golf cart for a ride about the camp.  *Anything* to get out from the tiny walls of the RV for just a bit and allow some "clean" air in to clear the cobwebs!
Serenity Pond, looking off the deck.
From the deck of Serenity Pond, looking down onto Silty Bottom Pond.
It was a lovely afternoon.  The clouds finally started to break apart and a bit of sunshine can do miracles!

I'd also run out of bread the day before . . . but neither of us had the energy to leave the camp.  Luckily I had the makings for bread.
Give a gal a loaf of bread and her family eats.  Teach a gal how to make bread and her family will never go hungry.  Isn't that how that platitude goes??! Something like that.

Okay, so the final design wall of the year is still sporting Grandmother's Choice blocks.  I went through and did all the easy ones, so now it's back to the tougher blocks.  Or rather, the more 'involved' blocks, I should say.  I'm determined to do all of them.  No excuses!
Sarah challenged me to have made some progress on this one before evening's end (yesterday).  I'd say I accepted the challenge!  ;)
I popped in a DVD while whipping . . . 
If you've not seen any of this series, it's quite good!  There's some fascinating information and history.

I also ran across this foundation paper piecing block (actually, it's a set of blocks--called "Spike Your English") at Quilting on the Square.
It reminded me a bit of a snowflake (and as an added benefit, it finishes in the shape of a hexagon!!!!), and I had the urge to give it a try.
Originally, I was thinking about using batiks for it . . . 
But now I'm not so sure.  One of the things I love about this design is the simplicity and consistency.  I'm a little afraid that using batiks would make each triangle different, and so you wouldn't get the same sense of 'sameness'.  Any thoughts?  Linking up to Patchwork Times.  

Today I *have* to go to the grocery store.  Wish me luck.


10 expressed . . .:

Sarah said...

I *knew* you could get them all basted! Way to go!

As much as I like your batik choices I would have to agree - without a lot of "fussy cutting" you might not get the simplicity you desire.

Janet O. said...

Loved the photos of the ponds, Denise. I needed that "serenity"!!
Oh, that Sarah can get you into a world of mischief with all of her hexes--I mean hexies! *LOL*
You rose to the challenge beautifully.
That is a gorgeous block you are planning on making, and I love the batiks, but I will agree with Sarah. Unless you fussy cut, the consistency you want won't be there.

Cathy said...

Way to go!! You can do it. And I got a huge chuckle when you said you were "Whipping". It kinda tickled my rather odd shaped funny bone. You live in such a beautiful spot. It's great that you could get out for a ride to enjoy it.

Jean(ie) said...

So glad the color is coming back in -- figuratively and literally.

Needled Mom said...

Your escape sounds wonderful. It looks beautiful too.

LOVE that hexie design!!!

Melissa Bishop said...

I know nothing but nothing about quilting but I do love that hexagon shape.
Sorry to hear you two were worn out but I'm glad the sunshine cleared it away.

Missy Shay said...

Those blocks look very complicated! But they look great!

Teresa in Music City said...

It's always nice to get out after being housebound for a while :) I'm kind of feeling that way right now, but I'll be going to Carolina next week, so I'll get my 'fresh air' then. Love your GC block - way to slam a challenge!!! You know I love batiks :) Some are more uniform than others; if the design is pretty much consistent, you shouldn't have a problem. Enjoy your week!!!

Kate said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day. It was sunny but cold here until late in the afternoon. Your block looks great. I need to decide what to do about Grandmothers Choice. I got in over my head pretty quickly. I admire your determination to finish all of the blocks.

Katherines Corner said...

lovely photos and oh my I need a slice of that bread. Happy new year! xo