Tuesday, September 02, 2014

september days are here . . .

With summer's best of weather,
And autumn's best of cheer.
                                                                                         --Helen Hunt Jackson

It never fails . . . as one month passes into the next, I'm blown away by the speed of passing time.  Oh how I desperately want to cling to it!  But time is mastered by no man (or woman), so here it is, September already!
I have to admit, I'm kind of excited.  September means the autumn is just around the corner! I do adore decorating in the autumn . . .
Like this darling subway art print!  I found it over On Sutton Place.  She shares lots of lovely ideas and printables.  Definitely worth a visit.

While the calendar may say fall, we're still enjoying summer temps, that's for sure!  When the grandkids come out to the camp, they have different ways of beating the summer heat.  Sawyer and June, for example, are gung ho to be in the creek, splashing the day away . . .
Ellie, on the other hand, prefers to beat the heat by indulging in an indoor tea party . . .
They're all so cute, I can't say no to any of them (just ask Todd)!!  Soon Olivia will be splashing or tea drinking, too ... and Everley is due to arrive any day now!  My heart just bursts with love for them all!

The turtle sanctuary area continues to flourish.  Turtles love the heat and humidity.  They'll pile up on the slate rocks and just soak up sun. Unless one of us comes around with crickets or worms, then the run toward us!
Evidently the water lilies are liking the heat and humidity too:
Three beautiful lilies at one time!  I've really enjoyed seeing these through the summer. The flowers generally don't last but two-to-three days, but there's always at least one. So lovely!

Speaking of water, when I knew we were going to be heading down to the creek the other day, I needed a play skirt.  So I repurposed one of my older, going threadbare skirts.  I cut the bottom out of it (about eight inches), then cut off the hem with about an inch of excess fabric, so I could stitch it back onto the skirt and have an easy finished hem.
There were still a few 'thin' spots, so I covered them with heart patches I made from the excess I'd cut off. I've had this skirt for seven years -- it's worn, but comfortable -- like a favorite pair of jeans! I hope I've made it so I can enjoy it for another five or so years!

With the start of September, I started this great book by Becky Harling, the 30 day praise challenge. It was a Kindle freebie, but I think it's gone back up.
I've read Part One and have gone through the first two days.  It's marvelous!! There's a group on facebook going through it together and anyone is welcome to join! I'll be linking this up to the Bibliophile Files over at sarah did it!

And since yesterday was the first day of September, it seemed fitting to make an apple pie! With apples fresh off my neighbor's tree and a homemade pie crust to boot! 
I enjoyed it for breakfast this morning, too, New England style (with my cup of hot tea, of course)!

Oh yeah, glorious autumn is just waiting around the corner, ready to make her spectacular entrance!!

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Check out my blog posts for the last couple of days. I shared about our camping adventure on our last (first) trip!

Janet O. said...

Oh, it is almost pumpkin time, isn't it? : )
What fun to see the different ways the grandchildren enjoy your place. I'd be in the creek, but Ellie looks all proper and prim for her tea.
Those lilies are beautiful!
Very clever save of a favorite skirt. I'm impressed.
I always hear about serving apple pie with cheese, but I have never actually tried it. Looks like a beautiful pie, Denise!

Mary said...

I'm a summer lovin' girl. I do love me some Apple pie, too. My Dad always said "Apple Pie without the Cheese is like a Kiss without a squeeze". I've not tired it either. A-la-Mode please!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Kids playing in water - fun. Little tea parties - sweet. Oh, you will be in glory when it's pumpkin time!

Barbara F. said...

Hi Denise, I feel like I have not visited here in ages! When did Olivia arrive? Is she your daughter's or your son's? And soon-to-be-born Everley? Your beautiful family is growing!

Barbara F. said...

Hi Denise, I feel like I have not visited here in ages! When did Olivia arrive? Is she your daughter's or your son's? And soon-to-be-born Everley? Your beautiful family is growing!

Michelle F said...

I am glad Autumn will be here soon.

Jean(ie) said...

I hope it cools off for y'all! It's starting to cool off here. I'm so ready for autumn, but not to wish that time away.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

It looks like we both have been busy with family and summer pursuits... I too am looking forward to fall.