Wednesday, December 31, 2014

last wow . . .

Or rather, Works in progress On Wednesday = WOW!
This is not just the last Wednesday of the year, but the last DAY of the year! Where did 2014 fly away to?! Todd and I will probably spend the evening relatively quietly, depending on what Bowl Games are on when we get home from church, and a pot of pinto beans and ham, which is already in the crock pot. Tomorrow morning, though, is our Stitcher's annual get together for a meal (breakfast at Cracker Barrel this year) and shopping the sale at Patches & Stitches, one of our LQSs. For me it will be more about the fellowship than the shopping, and that's fun stuff!

With the thought of fleeting time in mind, I've been plugging away on the Pineapple Quilt this week (remember, I've determined that I will have it finished before the end of January). I managed to assemble the middle three sections so far:
I'm working on stitching up the last seam 'cover' out of the four required.  You zigzag stitch the pieces together like so:
And then the strip (which you've machine stitched on like binding, on both sides--one on the front and the other on the back) flips over and hides where you've connected them:
And that's what I'm doing right now. I'll probably finish this and prep the strips to attach the long row of blocks across the top and bottom, too.  Who knows, maybe I'll have those attached and finished by the week's end?!  Maybe not. LOL! One thing I do know and that's that this quilt will be pretty decent-sized. It's square, and I still have 8" borders to add to the sides. This one is going on the bed. For sure!

And the other quilty thing being worked on is my cabin!
Pegboard walls all the way around . . . and it's being painted white (by my very darling husband) as I type! Isn't that awesome?!  I'll can hang every tool and ruler and template I have on its own hook!  LOL!

So that's what I'm working on, what about you?  Linking up with Esther's Blog today!


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Cathy said...

I've always liked that pineapple quilt. It's great to see it getting some work done on it. Peg board walls.... what a great idea!! I hope you have a happy and blessed New Year, sweet friend.

Beth in MN said...

Your Pineapple Quilt is coming along so beautifully!! Have a blessed 2015!

Sarah said...

Didn't 2014 just start a couple weeks ago?!? Not sure where it went myself...
You are going to love all the pegboard - everything will be at hand! I foresee a flick fest so you can make lots of progress on stitching your pineapple quilt bindings. Enjoy!

Janet O. said...

I am SOOO excited for you to move your quilting into your own space. Have you named it yet? Seems like a special place like that deserves a name.
Love all the pegboard--you could even hang little quilts from the pegs. : )

Lara B. said...

Denise, your pineapple quilt is beautiful! Thank for the close up peek at how you are doing the sashing too. I've never seen anyone do it that way and it just might solve a problem I was trying to figure out.
Hope you love your pegboard wall - what a great hubby!

Kate said...

The Pineapple quilt is turning out beautifully. I'm so excited for you that you have a new place to stitch. That has to rank as one of the best every Christmas gifts.

Teresa in Music City said...

The Pineapple quilt is going to be awesome! And love that corkboard wall - your husband is amazing!!!!!

Doniene said...

As usual, I seem to be always "catching up" with my blogger friends! But I have purposed to be better about taking time to see what my blogger friends are doing! Your cabin is AMAZING!!! I am so totally thrilled for you! What a wonderful sanctuary!! Blessings to that wonderful husband!!

Your pineapple quilt is GORGEOUS!! What a wonderful addition to your home!

Blessings for a very Happy New Year!

Missy Shay said...

I love the colors you are using on your pineapple quilt!