Monday, August 26, 2013

busy, busy, busy . . .

A happy finish ... well, piecing finish, anyway . . .
I so love the way this pretty little Christmas twisted hexie looks!!  The basting stitches are still intact -- I haven't removed my template pieces, yet.  Now my quest to find an appropriate 'skirt' for it!  I think it will make a gorgeous holiday table covering!

I put my fall fabrics to good use and made another spirograph topper.  I think this may be my go-to project for a pretty little hostess gift.
But I think I may play around a bit with the center applique, too. Any thoughts? I made the center of this one a bit smaller than my original, and I don't think I'll do that again.  I *did* miter the corners of the borders on this one -- and I *will* do that again!

I got out and about a bit this weekend.  Our church had a huge yard sale to benefit the children and youth ministries.  I was mostly good.  I found a couple of fun things for Ellie's dress-up trunk and lucked into this group of silk ties . . .
For a buck!  I figured that between Easter eggs and crazy quilting, I'd be able to put these to very good use!

I also headed over to one of my favorite quilt shops.  I needed backing fabric for Pixelated and Hooked on Quilting was having a guild appreciation sale -- 25% off! So I headed there and found the brown Civil War print (on the left):
It works well with the muted red binding and the front, I think, and will be good for a son to roll around in. I've decided I really do need to machine quilt this, since it is for James ... now I just need to settle on how I'm going to quilt it.  Both the pattern *and* the logistics in the RV!  

I also grabbed some 'burgundy' (the photo doesn't translate that well, I'm afraid) for our guild's 2-1/2" strip exchange that starts next month.  
And I filled up my Martindale card and picked up this book on Baltimore Album blocks (which I *WILL* make one day).  Now I get a freebie book!  Yay!

I also have this fun thing pieced and ready to put a back to:
I'd won the strip kit for it in March and got a hankering to put it together. So I did (minky is a *mess* to work with, by the way!).  But then I needed a back in keeping with the front!  I swung by Sirs, where I remembered seeing the Dr. Seuss prints in wide minky.  Sure enough, I found what I think will make the perfect backing from that same line:
Don't you think?  Technically this won't be a quilt -- the minky is so thick, it really doesn't need batting.  I'm going to stitch the outside edges together (with the right sides facing), then pull it inside-out and 'quilt' down the vertical lines. It'll be an interesting finish!

All that fabric shopping injected another healthy dose into my August stash report, but I also will have some big yardage finishes to include, which will help balance things out!  Linking up this post to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times and Design Wall Monday and Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.

Before I head out to tackle the world, thought I'd share some of my favorite peeps . . .
Todd is *thoroughly* enjoying retirement and the ability to grow a beard!  I have to admit that I find him quite dashing in the beard and I'm enjoying the "Duck Dynasty" commando look!

Sawyer is now a dragon whisperer.  Seriously.
He's making up wonderful dragon stories and everything -- his imagination is quite vivid!  I got the dinosaur costume for him last October -- and he'd carry it, but refused to wear it.  Until just this past month or so. Gotta love it!

Ellie's driving.
Good gravy, slow the growing down!!  That's a smile she's sporting, just in case you're not sure.  She's pretty much able to give Sawyer a run for his money these day!  She's a clever little chatterbox, too -- Joc asked her to sing her ABC's and Ellie replied, "A, B, C . . . no more!"  Sassy pants!

June is ... well, at home she's called the Princess Baby.  
I think that means she's queen of the show -- I know she's got both daddy and big brother wrapped around her little fingers! 
With a smile (and giggle) like that, who can resist?!

Have a GREAT week!


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Jean(ie) said...

Oh my, the kids have grown!!!!

Todd looks handsome with a beard. Love it!

Looks like you're having fun with fabric. Stitch on!

Janet O. said...

The hexie topper looks wonderful. I hope you find just the right piece for the skirt.
I've never worked with Minkee. From all I here of the stretching and the shedding where you cut, I'm a little hesitant--okay, I'm a LOT hesitant!
What a distinctive look Todd is sporting. I've never seen Duck Dynasty, but I hear about it all the time. : )
June's giggle made me giggle--sooo cute!

Barbara F. said...

Wow, the babies are growing and so adorable and smart. Todd looks good in a beard. Happy he is enjoying retirement, I love it too and have no regrets. And nice quilting, too! (((hugs))) xo

Teresa in Music City said...

Who can resist, indeed?!? Such adorable little cherubs :*) And what a nice group of stash additions you've got there! I don't think I'll ever make a Baltimore Album - but I've learned to "never say never!" And I just LOVE your Christmas hexie!!! It's definitely got "jolly" going for it :*)

Sarah said...

I swear Todd looks just like my friend's husband! Glad to hear he is enjoying retirement. Can't wait until you find a skirt for your hexies!

Needled Mom said...

I love the Twisted hexie project.

The little ones are so sweet. They grow up much too quickly, don't they?

Mary said...

Yes, you've been BUSY...having grandma fun and quilty fun.