Monday, July 12, 2004

Have I mentioned how much I do not care to return to school in less than a month?

We had dinner at the Eason's home yesterday. It was quite a lot of fun! I do believe it is the first time a family from school (with the exception of the Websters) has ever invited our family to their home! Their family is just darling -- they have nine children, but two of them are away (college-aged). Still, seven children, plus James, and there is wonderful chaos! Sarah is a very lovely young lady. Not just in looks -- but she has a very lovely spirit, as well. She gets it from her mom (and Jesus, of course).

Brother Rodney is preaching out of Psalm 57. This psalm was written by David when he was taking refuge from King Saul, in a cave. David recognized that although he was hiding in a cave, his real refuge came from God alone. He cried out to God, and God placed him under the shadow of His wings. What a beautiful picture of God's care for us! Not that bad things won't happen; but that our souls are free in Jesus! PRAISE GOD!

Today they are coming to put insulation back in the house! Whoohoo! It has been so hot here of late, and the lack of insulation has made it all the more HOT! Our poor little A/C unit is probably wonderding why it's having to work so hard!

The cats are annoying. Guenevere is as she walks around the house at night with the mouse in her mouth saying, "Mee-ew. Mee-ew." in her little pussyfoot voice. And Merlin is in the morning, as he prowls for food (in reality, his aim is to wake someone up so they will put food in his bowl), screeching, "Meeeerow. Meeeerow." in his deep baby-cat voice. I love my cats. Except when they are making noise.

What a wonderful day today will be. God is already at work, and He's already blessed me beyond what I deserve!


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