Monday, July 05, 2004

I'm excited about silverware. Really! I ordered new silverware online very early this morning. Oneida -- Satin Flight. I got such a great deal and it looks so nice! I guess at forty-one years of age, when one finally gets a halfway decent set of silverware, one gets a little excited!

My sister has a new baby. Lucy Eliza. She's is quite the darling. Just about as perfect as a baby can be! She was born on June 9th, so she's not quite one month old. Julia is breastfeeding and Lucy has quite an appetite. Jocelyn, who is staying with Julia and her family to help out for the summer, made the comment that feeding Lucy was like an every fifteen minute ordeal!

Joc: Aunt Julia's like, "Lucy, you just ate fifteen minutes ago!"

Julia: The Dairy Queen needs some down time!

Egads. While I really enjoyed holding a tiny baby and she smelled so lovely and was so sweet, there are some things I do not miss! Not in the least.


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