Monday, July 05, 2004

blessed . . .

I wonder who it was that decided that things happen in threes. Not that I would have preferred fours, fives, or sixes, but *one* thing would have been sufficient, I'm sure.

In late April, James had an accident and injured his knee. I've never seen a kneecap move that far before. I've never heard my nearly-all-grown-up son in that much agony before. It was painful for a mom to see; I can only imagine how painful it was for him to experience.

Not a month later, we came home from church on Sunday evening, and there was an oak tree laying atop the Tercel. What can you say in response to something like that? There was no inclement weather -- hardly even a breeze that afternoon. The tree had just finally had enough (it had lost it's twin about a year earlier), and it topped over. Onto the Tercel.

Let me tell you -- it's a pretty final feeling, to come home and see a tree fallen on top of your car. Final for the tree, and most definitely final for the car! But it wasn't. Todd *drove* the car out from underneath the tree. The only real damage was to the hatch and rear window. Todd said it and I believe it -- that car is to us as the sandals were to the children of Israel wandering for forty years.

The following Sunday -- one week later -- we had the storm of all storms (at least, the most storm I care to see then or ever) move through directly over our home. And into our roof, our kitchen, Jocelyn's room . . . an F1 tornado. Brought about four or five trees with it and dragged 'em through our yard and into the back of the house. What a mess! Todd was on shift that night. We had absolutely no warning -- I just barely got the kids heading down the basement stairs when it hit the house. Crazy, crazy stuff.

So. Three major incidents. Three -- count 'em -- one, two, three. Whew! But through all of it, God is *so* faithful! In each of those situations, I see Him answering prayer after prayer after prayer. Taking care of needs only He knew about to begin with. I so often think of God as this major, awesome force, and forget how personally involved He is in _my_ life. How intimately connected He is with my feelings, needs, desires, and thoughts. Yes, He's omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent; but He's so much more. He's my Father who art in Heaven. Praise His holy name. Little ol' me. He holds *me* in the palm of His almighty hands. He hides *me* in the shelter of His grace. What a mighty God I serve. Wow.

James had to have surgery, but he's doing physical therapy and recovering quite nicely. The doctor had to re-attach the tendon to the bone with screws and fishing line. Todd said if that's all it took, he probably could have done it. Yeah!

We got a $254 check back from the state two weeks ago. We'd forgotten about it, so it was like 'gimme' money. Todd decided he really needed to get the hatch fixed and replace the rear windshield of the car. The auto-glass people said it would be about $250 -- but suggested he look in a junk yard (excuse me, auto salvage dealer) and see if he could replace the whole hatch. He did find one -- perfect fit and all -- and was able to replace the whole hatch, windshield and all, all by himself (with a little help from Jose, who showed him how to remove the hatch from the salvage car) for only $54. Now that's a God thing!

The work progresses on the house. I'll have a whole new roof, kitchen, bedroom, and workshop by the time it's all said and done! I've been able to do some things in the kitchen I'd really wanted to do, but hadn't been able to afford. It's GREAT! That whole thing about lemonade out of lemons is so true, only it's renovations out of tornadoes! Gotta love it. And I've decided that if I give my concerns over to God, and not let them eat me up internally (or not throw them at others), He handles my little problems so marvelously! I'm SO BLESSED!

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