Wednesday, July 14, 2004

We sang one of my favorite songs in choir practice tonight. "Let the Rocks Keep Silent." That is such an amazing song! I just want to close my eyes and lift my arms to the Lord when I sing it! Let those stinking rocks keep silent -- I'm certainly not gonna let them outspeak me in praising my Lord!!!

Brother David led the service tonight. He gave a really great history lesson on the Great Awakening in July, 1741. Until he said the first title of the sermon that started the whole thing, I was drawing a blank. But when he said, "Sinners . . ." I knew the title of that sermon was, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards. I remember something from American History! It will be interesting to see if the SOS American History covers that as well.

Quite a thunderstorm blew through here earlier, but if the weather service is correct, it's the last we should see for a couple of days, at least! It's sad to me. Storms frighten me now. Up until May 31st, storms did damage to others. Now I know my home is susceptible to storms. At least we have a roof that doesn't leak -- no holes in the ceiling -- and INSULATION! It amazed me the difference insulation in the attic made, when it's 95 degrees outside! Crazy stuff.

I'll go to bed out-singing the rocks tonight!

Five more days until Jocey comes home. Yeay!!!!!


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