Friday, July 23, 2004

I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna.

Work starts in four days.  (Well, really three days, but I won't be there for the first day because I'm taking Jocelyn to BMC for pre-registration.  HA!  So there; take that.)

School starts in ten days. 

I really don't wanna.

Parent orientation is on Thursday, July 29th.  Mandantory for all teachers. 

Todd and I are just back to being civil to each other.  I don't know what's wrong with me.  I get so angry with him.  Sometimes I feel like he's being purposefully obtuse or thickheaded with me.  Or truly believes that I'm stupid and can't *possibly* know what I'm talking about.  It gets very frustrating.  As does repeating myself to him over and over and over.

Lord, I know I'm supposed to concentrate on *my* faults -- the things that take me away from fellowship with You.  Things that cause me to hide from Your presence.  And I know I'm not doing that.  Father, restore in me a desire to have a good relationship with my husband.  I don't need to focus on Todd, but on YOU! 

I'm going to do something (again) a little different in my Sunday School lesson tomorrow.  I think I'm going to use Brother David's idea about presenting a timeline of US history to the class, with the presidents, wars, and anything else major that was taking place during that time frame.  Then I'll compare it to what we've been reading in II Kings.  I hope it helps take some of the unwillingness to study those books away.  It's just HISTORY!  :)  We'll see.  I really liked the idea, anyway!

Todd sounded tired when I talked to him.  They were out on that fire for a long time.  In fact, Engine 6 was still there when I talked to him, and it had been over five hours.  Wow.  He's walking neighborhoods for Parker Griffith (I can't *ever* remember that man's name) this morning.  Hope it goes well.  I know how badly the fire fighters want Loretta out of the city.

I need to go through and call my class role today and let them know (or remind them) about Jamey Rangel (I can't remember how to spell his name, either) being at the church for the next few days. 

It's Saturday.  Three more days.  Lord, enable me to take my mind off of what's coming and focus on the here and now!!!


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