Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Sometimes you just need a place to let your hair down.

This is *not* one of those places.

The prior entry "en francais" (not Spanish) was written so as to hide my sentiments of the moment. I'm now over that. We will now continue "en anglais". Hold your applause.

God truly humbled me today. I went to work feeling all, "I wish I didn't have to work." And then at least four women called today asking if the position we had open was clerical or administrative. I hated having to tell them, "I'm sorry, it's for a welding position." I realized how _grateful_ I should be that I have not only a decent, well-paying, with as few or as many hours as I want -- but that my employers are also a brother & sister in Christ! It just doesn't get much better. I had tears in my eyes as I realized how much I take for granted; the greatest things God blesses me with!

My youngest sister, Laura, and her husband spent the day boarding windows, filling up gas tanks, waiting in line to withdraw money from the bank and other such things one does when one is preparing to evacuate their home due to a hurricane. They (along with Ali and Jasper and the cats) live in Corpus Christi. Laura told me that there are approximately 10,000 refugees from the Katrina storm in Corpus that also have to evacuate. I simply can't imagine. I do believe, however, that my next spot would be waaaaaaay inland. On a mountain somewhere. As far above sea level as I could get and still breathe.

I think I may go read a magazine and have a cup of Vanilla Cream. Yummm!!


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Et maintenant, je choisirai d'écrire mon entrée en français. Naturellement, ce ne sera pas un long paragraphe, parce que j'ai peu à dire. Je dirai que mon mari peut tenir une rancune presque aussi bien que n'importe qui que je sais ! Telle est la vie. De nouveau à notre jour régulièrement programmé. L'extrémité.


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