Saturday, September 24, 2005

Currently ReadingThe Lady & Sons Just Desserts : More than 120 Sweet Temptations from Savannah's Favorite RestaurantBy Paula Deensee related

I did not have to do *any* thing today. Well, except go to the grocery store. But that was it!

It's been really nice to finally have a day that was my own, and not dictated by an agenda.

So, I slept in until 7:30 (which is really late for me), got up and had a cuppa and watched the weather and looked at a magazine. Then I got dressed and went to Wal*Mart, where I had a good grocery shop. I came home and decided to get meals as ready as I could for the whole rest of the week! I baked a chicken and picked it for Monday's White Chile; I baked rolls for tomorrow's pot roast; I made the spaghetti sauce for Tuesday's dinner; and I'm baking Italian bread for tonight! The house smells . . . like food.

I watched Alabama play it close with Arkansas. Sorta. Close, I mean. I think that was the most times I've heard Todd say, "Good gravy," in one sitting. Hehe. Ole Miss plays tonight. Go REBELS!!!

It's all been good -- no pressure. I like it like that. I watched Paula Dean on the Food network while I was in the kitchen. She's a hoot. No, really. And I'm not really reading her cookbook -- but since I was watching her on TV and there's no way I can *pictorially* share that, I chose the book---strictly for the image---instead.

While I was at Wal*Mart, I got the makings for a really cute scarecrow wreath. I mean, he's darling! He will also be hanging from my door by the week's end!

I heard from a friend I haven't seen in ages. She was actually the matron of honor at my wedding -- Nandy! I sent her some piccies and caught her up on my life; I hope she reciprocates!

I'm going back to the kitchen now. Adios!


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