Thursday, September 29, 2005

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I think, perhaps, that the only reason for doing this is so that Jocelyn can read it and make a pithy comment. I need to go into syndication. Let's go back . . . pithy. What a great word, that one hardly gets to use. It's my word of the day!


This is a picture of my darling niece. She wants to be a fly-fisherman when she grows up.
Yesterday's trip to the vet was quite interesting. First, I saw Heather Butler. She is working as a vet's assistant. Then, Gwenevere pitched a fit. It's more fun to explain when I can make the cat noises she was making. Suffice it to say, she was quite outspoken. My favorite moment of the visit was when the doctor had to take a blood sample. It took two vet's assistants, the doctor, and me, holding the non-cooperative cat to get a simple blood sample. You'd never think a 15 pound cat could be so . . . boisterous. That girl knows how to throw her bulk around, I'm here to reassure you. And talk?! She mewed the whole time . . . that is, when she wasn't growling. Deep, way down in her throat, growls. And the whole time, all I could picture was the time I took Jocelyn and James in for check ups, when they were about 7 and 6 (of course), respectively. They had to get a blood sample for some routine blood work from Joc -- she pitched a FIT! It took two nurses, the doctor, and myself to hold her down. She hollered as much as the cat did! When we came out, James was hiding under a table. NEXT! It's good to be the parent.
I'm heading off to do my Bible study. Today, we really get into the life of Jacob. We never really get much detail on Isaac in Scripture. Not as a man in and of himself. His dad gets him a wife; he prays for his wife to have a baby; and he plays favorites with his twin boys. But on Jacob and Abraham, we get bunches. All three are the patriarchs of Israel. It makes me wonder what his passion for the LORD was. He had enough faith to go to God when he wanted his wife to have a baby . . . but perhaps he didn't have the day-to-day, trusting God for everything, kind of faith?
I want my faith to be apparent. I want it to grow and increase each day. Hebrews 12:2 says that Christ is the Author and the Perfecter of my faith. Perhaps that's why there wasn't so much to write about Isaac . . . he didn't let his Author get in enough writing/perfecting time? I thoroughly believe, as a followers of Christ, we can hog the pen and insist on writing our own faith. Unfortunately, our "within-based" faith doesn't do us any good.

Today is a long work day. I'll work 8:30 to whenever at Iron Works -- I'd like to do payroll tonight, so probably until 7 or so. And then I'll go over to the Stuckey's and work on his books. Tomorrow, I'll go to work at IW, and then pick up Tristan and go to the Stuckey's to sit with the kids. I'll probably do my Wal*Mart shop after that. Saturday, Todd goes to work in the morning, and then he's taking off so we can go to the Apples of Gold thingie-bobbie Saturday night. Good gravy.

Time to shove a pill down Gwenethvereth's throat. Yippee.

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