Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Currently ReadingPasión Y PurezaBy Elizabeth Elliotsee related

Okay Jocey, you said I could do this! I'll be verry, verry qwiet.

Today, I taught in our Apples of Gold Bible study. The subject was purity. Since it was my week to do the lesson, I also got to set the tables. I used white linen tablecloths, dressed them in white tulle, used lots of tall, clear candle holders and white candles, tossed pretty, silver and glittery hearts on the tulle, and put the lavender sachet favors at each place. It was very pretty and *pure* looking!

I enjoyed the lesson. I used the prettily wrapped present analogy for purity; and I used the honey bun in the machine at work for the "temptation, contemplation, activation" analogy. The ladies laughed at me -- but I could see the honey bun desire in their faces. Then, when I got to work this afternoon, there was only one honey bun in the machine, and it looked yucky. And I said so.

I'd like to mention that I am reading Elizabeth Elliot's, Passion & Purity, however, I am not reading it in Spanish. Or any other language other than this one right heah. But it looks much more interesting in Spanish (and they didn't have it listed en anglais)!

So. There.


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