Friday, October 15, 2010

crane hill . . .

He's much more impressive in person . . .

Partially because, if you're seeing him in person, it means you're at the Smith Lake Bed & Breakfast, in Crane Hill, Alabama! I'm preparing to be seriously impressed, because I'll be seeing him up close and personal TODAY!

The first time we stayed at Smith Lake B&B was for my birthday in 2006. It's an absolutely beautiful spot.

Here it is from the lake. It's a huge home! There are actually two guest suites, several common areas (including a sun porch with a jacuzzi), and then the hosts' home. Each suite has a bedroom, full bath, sitting area, and a complete kitchen.

The first time we were guests there, we stayed in "The Loft" suite.

I've stayed in plenty of B&B's, but I wasn't prepared for how roomy and apartment-like the guest suites would be! This time, we're staying in "The Dock Suite" which has its own private screened porch. Oh my goodness -- couple that porch with the gorgeous weather forecasted for this weekend and this view . . .

We're in for a weekend of bliss!!

One of my favorite places on the property is one of the common areas, the gazebo. It's got great seating and a grill & refrigerator and offers another quiet place or a party place - depending on the time of day and your company!

There's also a fire pit right off the gazebo there, that's fun to sit around with a bag of marshmallows on a fall evening!

Todd isn't sure about me handling all the steps down to the dock, but I think I'm up to it. Steps aren't bothering me too much these days -- as long as it's smooth terrain, I'm good. We'll certainly have the opportunity to get our exercise and my physical therapy in!

Aside from wanting to experience a new suite (and if you happen to check out their website, you'll understand why we wanted to check out the other suite), if you look in the above picture and follow the steps up as far as they go to the right, you'll understand one reason why we decided The Loft was not the ideal spot this year! It's WAY up there!

Way down there is the floating dock. There's a sunny spot to read a book or just take a cat nap -- it's also a nice place to take a morning cup of coffee, your Bible and watch the sun come up. One thing to note -- that's a ramp down to the dock, not steps! The lower the water is in the lake, the steeper that ramp is! When we visited in 2006, the water table was the lowest it had ever been. That was one steep walk!

Last time the owners were gracious enough to take us out on the lake in their boat. We're looking forward to another ride! The lake, which is man-made, is HUGE, and incredibly deep, too.

So, I've vacuumed, scrubbed, and laundered everything in the RV (it's no fun going on vacation, only to come home to messy home). I've packed a book or two, my laptop, a quilt that's ready to have the hand sewing done on the binding, and some magazines (and some clothes, ho-hum). We're loading up the Keurig (hahaha!), some snacking foods and easy meals -- but no breakfast foods; that's on our hosts. Folks, we're hitting the road!

Hasta la vista, baby!


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racheld said...

Road trips with such a lovely destination for relaxing and reflecting---my idea of bliss, as well.

This one looks absolutely marvelous for a couple-weekend.

I've been doing research for two of our married-couple children, and have settled on a cabin at Gatlinburg for one set with children, and a B&B in N. AL for the others---for their Christmas gifts.

A nice gift like this to a family makes WAY more sense than a pile of presents---we all think so.

Ha! my word verification: ontur

I suppose that's what you're about today. Enjoy your tur.

Linda said...

Oh my, this house is beautiful and so are the surroundings. I haven't seen a B&B like this before. Have lots of fun!!!