Thursday, October 14, 2010

happy trails?!?!

As I've mentioned before, Todd really likes to get out and about on the trails in the camp, and now that we've got the golf cart, I'm actually able to comfortably go with him. When I got home from work one day this week, Todd was ready to hit the trails! So we loaded up in the golf cart and headed down to the upper campground, where the top of the High Ridge Trail is located. I'd been up this trail from the entrance of the camp,
but never from this end!

It's a LOT of up and down and zig-zagging, but it's beautiful and serene. I love being in the woods and not being able to hear anything but birds and squirrels --
no human noises except our own!

We'd gotten about halfway through the trail and I asked Todd to stop, so I could catch this photo of the upper pond through the trees. The trail is probably close to a mile and a half, so we'd already gone about three-quarters of a mile. After I got my pretty photo, Todd started back up, only to exclaim,
"The back tire is really low."

And he rolled a little further forward before exclaiming,
"That tire is really low."

He rolled forward a little more until I exclaimed,
"Todd! I can hear that flat tire!"
And sure enough, it was flat to the ground!

So, we got off and had a moment of deliberation. There was no question but that he had to go back and get some fix-a-flat; the question was whether or not I'd walk with him. Because not only was it three-quarters of a mile in either direction to the end of the trail, it was the distance from the trail back to our RV, too!
Then Todd pointed out the terrain . . .

which is less than ideal for my poor little foot.
And he also pointed out the trail heading first in one direction . . .

Pretty steep down and up again. Hmmm.

Then he pointed out the trail in the other direction . . .

Oh. More of the same. So, can't go forwards or backwards.

And I certainly can't . . .

go up!

So I elected (with his encouragement) to stay behind and patiently wait in the golf cart for him to return. Though the sun was definitely setting, it wasn't near dark yet,
and I wasn't anxious a bit.

In fact, I noted a perfect spot for a new trail to be formed off the High Ridge Trail, down to the upper pond!

I also used the time to find lots of acorns with fun little caps (these are cap-less), and the hulls of hickory nuts, which I have a craft idea for (which I'll share later).

And while I was really enjoying the feeling of being 'one with nature', I was also starting to get anxious. It was getting a little darker, and dinner did need to be made, and besides, I had to use the potty. And I was NOT using it out on the trail. Woodpeckers and Blue Jays were watching, after all!

And then I heard it. Low and in the distance at first, but getting louder and closer with every passing second . . .

And then I saw it . . . I saw HIM!
My hero, my champion, my rescuer!

My knight on a shiny . . . FOUR WHEELER!!

Milady, your chariot awaits . . .

And we lived happily ever after.


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Cathy said...

That campground looks like a beautiful spot. And your Knight in shining t-shirt showed up on a red 4 wheeler, rather than a white horse. But, the effect is sure the same.

Linda said...

Aww..what a sweet (entertaining) story. I bet you would rather have such a worthy knight on a 4 wheeler than a horse any day!