Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy birthday to ME!

And what a great weekend it's been! It started when Friday's mail arrived, and with it, my own copy of EQ7!!! One of my darling sisters had read my blog in August, when I'd talked about wanting Electric Quilt, and she ordered it for me! I was so excited -- it kinda made it hard to focus on work for the rest of the day!

On Friday evening, I got to spend some sweet grandma time with Sawyer. James and Kim were headed out and so I got to sub for a bit! Sawyer loves his daddy ...

We had a nice evening, Sawyer and me. We played, and went for a walk outside, ate dinner, and took a bath, before heading to bed. He's such a good boy and so personable! I told him that he would get to celebrate my birthday with me, for the first time!

"You're how old, Grandma?!?!"

Saturday I loaded EQ7 on my computer and played around with it. The first thing I did was recreate the Christmas table topper Pat had done for me. This program is definitely right up my alley!!

I finished up the candy corn wreath for my Secret Pal. It turned out so cute! Joc saw it and wants me to make one for her, too. I sprayed it real well so that it can be saved and used over and over. I hope my SP just loves it!

It looked pretty good hanging on *my* door! Hehehe . . .

We had campers in the camp on Friday and Saturday night. It was a nice group of young adults. They seemed to enjoy the outdoors and I certainly enjoyed hearing their laughter and especially smelling their campfires! That's one of my most favorite smells -- especially in autumn!

When I came in late on Friday, I rode to the pavilion to see if they were still there. They'd already gone up to the camp, but they'd left all their food in boxes, sitting on the picnic tables. I knew that the coons would have a huge party and the group wouldn't have any usable marshmallows the next day, so I took the golf cart and headed up to the campground. They were grateful for the warning. Saturday morning, two of the girls said they'd seen raccoons watching them from a tree limb! Probably the coons were wondering where their easy marks had gone.

Today, after church, our kids all came up here for a cookout/birthday party! We set up under the pavilion and Todd, my darling husband, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs!

There were some brats in there too!

Joc made my cake -- chocolate on chocolate -- from SCRATCH! And it was delicious, too!!

Pay no attention to those candles . . . what's in an age, anyway?? LOL!

Sawyer didn't have any birthday cake, but he did have a little bit of vanilla ice cream!

He liked it very nicely, to say the least! He's so darling -- he just gets passed from one set of willing arms to the next. Although his mommy's arms are his favorite!

By the end of the afternoon, he had this glazed look in his eyes -- I'm sure he fell asleep about two seconds after getting into the car!

Even Uncle Jason got some Sawyer time in this afternoon! Jason is practicing for February!

It was a sweet birthday celebration; there's nothing better than time spent with my family!



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Cathy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, full of blessings.

Zlaty said...

Happy belated Birthday Denise!

Looks like you had a great one with your family! Your grandson is so adorable!