Saturday, October 23, 2010

quilting tea basket . . .

Thought I'd share some of the booty I got in the auction at our quilt guild meeting on Thursday night, especially since this particular purchase combined two of my favorite things . . . quilting and TEA!

The basket was put together by one of the smaller stitch groups within the guild, and it was *full* of fun stuff. I really got my money's worth with this win. And the bidding didn't even go as crazy as I thought it would! I got this basket for $20!!!

Of course, it looked better than this when I won it -- I'd taken it apart, looked at everything and then realized I hadn't taken a picture of it all! The first thing I took out were two boxes of Tazo tea -- one was passion fruit and one was assorted flavors. I took them both to work yesterday, so no pictures of them. But I did enjoy my tea all day long yesterday!

Next out were these cute little cups and saucers! Very sweet. I can see filling them with tea bags and wrapping them with tulle and topping it off with a bow and a gift tag!

Then I pulled out this darling little honey pot. I've never used a honey pot before, although there are some teas that I particularly like sweetened with honey.

Next came this bright & cheery wind chime, by Mary Engelbreit. The spoons wouldn't stay still, so they're a little blurry, but they make me smile and the chime has a pretty sound.

Next was this pretty little teapot frame.

Then this handy tea infuser, with a teapot charm!

And then came the fabrics. Each of these pieces were at least a yard -- most of them were more than two! And it's FUN stuff!

Someone must have done a tea-themed quilt and was donating from their leftover stash? I just know I have several quilts in mind (hahaha) down the road that would love some of this fabric!

This was interesting . . . it might be fun to fussy cut these teapots out, or even cut around them and use them as appliqued pieces on something -- like a tea towel or tea apron.

The birds, well, they made me laugh. But the pink was very pretty. Pretty enough that I took a closer-up picture of it!

Isn't it sweet? Very girlie, tea-party-ish!

This one is just happy, silly, and fun!

I love it -- 'Twist & Spout'!

And this was quite darling too . . .

I think I've actually seen teapots that looked like these! Love the pumpkin teapot, in particular!

So, for $20, don't you think I got a bargain?!? Wait until I pull apart the Christmas basket I got and share that one! LOL! The ladies I sat with (from my stitch group) were laughing at me, because they *know* I live in an RV and that *stuff* is not something I can afford to accumulate! But I think most of these items will become happies for others in the near future! (Except the fabric -- hey, now!)

Last night and today we've got RA's camping in the upper campground. From the sounds of things, they're having a blast! I love it when the smell of campfires is in the air! Todd and I rode up to visit with them briefly last night. The moon was so bright, we almost didn't need lights to see by!

Oh Mr. Moon, moon, bright and shining moon, please shine down on me!


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Pat said... got a terrific basket there! I love all of it but the fabrics are especially great.