Friday, October 08, 2010

hippity, hoppity, happy!

I do not sing the praises of my dear husband enough. He truly is my hero and champion! My darling man is one of the kindest, most generous, and thoughtful men I've ever known, and I'm so lucky to be married to him!

Not long after I started quilting, I had an idea about hanging pegboard in my workspace, so that I could hang my quilting rulers and tools and get to them more handily. Of course, when we decided to move from the house to the RV, I put the idea on hold until we were in our new space. Since the bunkroom was going to be our extra room, I had thought that the pegboard would hang nicely over the bathroom door in there.

Early on, we made a trip to Ace Hardware and bought the supplies. But the weather was cold and dreary, and didn't really lend itself to a project that would need to be cut and put together outside. So we figured it wouldn't be a big deal to wait for warmer weather. Of course, warmer weather came and so did the accident, which had us not even living in the RV for several months, and me not even really caring about quilting *gasp* for a bit.

Now that normalcy is returning and the weather is perfectly lovely for outdoor projects, I had started to make noise about getting the pegboard up to make the room more quilting-efficient. Yesterday, I came home to find the project in full progress!! Before the end of the evening, Todd had the pegboard hung, and I had dug through all my quilting stuff to get the rulers, hoops, and rotary cutters up. I need to get some more hangers, but I've got a good start!

This will give me the room/ability to get the rest of the quilting part of the bunk area in order.

The two cardboard boxes are photographs I want to get scanned. Egads! The two wide set of drawers are all quilting-related stuff. The skinny set of drawers down here is office supplies, ribbon, and stationary.

The skinny set of drawers up top is, I'm almost embarrassed to admit, full of candles. Jars, tarts, votives, and tapers. I'm a real candle-aholic!

This is my crafting/cutting/sewing table. All cleared and ready for a new project (or for me to finish an old project -- goodness knows I have enough of those)!

Bless his heart -- he'd spent so much time working on my project yesterday, his desk just got overwhelmed!

I'll have fun playing and organizing my space this weekend. This gets me closer to actually completely one of my Charming Girls goals!! Whoohoo!

Thanks, darling!!!!


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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great idea! Things are looking good.

Tea Duchess said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I love the peg board idea.

Linda said...

Oh that is so nice. How sweet your hubby is to get that done for you. And what an excellent idea to put it up in the first place.

Paula and Mel said...

Great storage idea! And it looks good also. You must have a 5th wheel that has the bunk room in it. We have a motorhome so no extra space like that. Although we are only gone in the winter months so I only take what I can work on in those 4 months. If are boondocking I have hand work otherwise I sew on my machine.
I forget what stae are you in? Are camp hosts at a camp ground?
Have a great day. Keep on sewing.