Friday, December 03, 2010

friday jitters . . .

Ha! The jitters don't come from it being Friday; they come from the 20 ounce cup of Crimson Tide latte (with a double shot of espresso) that I just finished up from my new favorite coffee shop, Flint River Coffee! I've been passing this little building for almost a year now. It's a cute little place; painted pale yellow and very inviting-looking. Finally today I purposed to stop in there! I walked in and the aroma was AWESOME! There were lots of yummy choices, but the Crimson Tide caught my eye, with its white chocolate and peppermint flavors! I also had to have a biscotti to go with it. Afternoon bliss!

I'll definitely go back. For one thing, there are all those other flavor combinations to try! Plus they had lots of fun gift-like things. A good place to do a little Christmas/Secret Pal/stocking stuffer shopping!

It's nice to support local, small businesses. I always feel like I'm contributing to the community (not to mention the local economy) when I make it a point to shop that way.

Speaking of which, last night I stopped in Patches and Stitches and signed up for the 2011 BOM! It's an 8-month, two blocks a month project. The blocks are small, and I think I'll probably pick appropriate coordinating colors, work it as a "quilt as you go" project, and make it a special quilt for Everett -- my soon-to-be grandson!!

The pattern comes from Cherie Ralston's Under the Stars. I'm looking forward to starting it!

I'm also looking forward to starting this weekend! Ready or not -- and believe me, I AM READY -- here I come!!


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Jocelyn said...

Wait, you're having a grandson named Everett? How funny-- I'm having a son named Everett!!! ;)

Paula and Mel said...

Your coffee sounds so good. I have been on a tea binge. I got a cold and that seems to help my throat. We were suppose to leave for the winter today, but, since we both are sick with a cold, we will wait till next week.
Have fun working on your BOM.