Saturday, December 18, 2010

'twas the saturday before Christmas . . .

Last night we headed out to another Christmas party. This time it was our church's choir party. It was such a great time!! Our hosts were the music minister and his wife, and their beautiful home was decorated to the nines!

We played some wonderful games and ate some wonderful food and had some AWESOME fellowship!! Todd and I were on a team that won one of the games -- a Christmas carol game -- and took home some yummy flavored hot chocolate as a prize!

This morning we took advantage of the fact that neither of us had to be anywhere, and slept in! We got up around seven-thirty and got our coffee and enjoyed french toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then Todd had some maintenance things to attend to around the RV and I headed into town to do some grocery shopping.

When I got back, I saw that my Stocking Elf had been by again!

The Stocking Elf has never made an appearance before this year. I guess I've been extra good?? So far, he's placed Christmas socks, a candle, thin mints, M&M's, and some chocolates in my stocking! And Christmas is still a week away!

I had a gift to finish ... just a little peek. This is for the original best man in my life; my daddy!

And I worked on my Secret Pal's Christmas gift, which I'll put on the table tomorrow (the last Sunday before Christmas)!

I got my copy of Celebrate: Winter this week, too. Yummy!

Hopefully there will be a quiet moment in the next week or so that I can sit down and enjoy its pages.

One of my Charming Girls goals for November/December was to hunt up some new, healthy recipes for dinners. I'd found a couple this past week on Fitness Magazine's site and we tried one tonight. Well, sort of. The recipe was for seared pork chops with orange-chipolte glaze and smashed potatoes; I modified the glaze to suit us, but it was wonderful!!

This evening, I made Todd & I some sugar-free gourmet hot chocolates, and we're putting in The Polar Express. Let the week before Christmas BEGIN!


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Gmama Jane said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful kind of day!! BTW, what is the name of the church you & Todd attend now?? Roger & I went out for breakfast up toward F'vlle and finished up most of our shopping. Found the boys some great CarHart coats on sale at the F'vlle Co-Op. Topped the whole trip off with ice cream at Sonic. I thought of our ice cream when I saw your hot chocolate. It doesn't take much to make me happy. I found some sewing items I needed at Wally World which always makes me happy.

Pat said...

Those hot chocolates sure look yummy...and aren't you the lucky one having a stocking elf visit you so often? The party for bell choir is Monday...a luncheon at the house of one of the gals...and I am responsible for the games...I have two of them planned....should be fun.