Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i love tuesdays . . .

. . . almost as much as Mondays! And yes, it's because I get to go through my pictures and relive my Sawyer-Monday. I just can't get enough of him!

Yesterday, for only the second time ever (and the first time since the accident), I put his car seat in my car and we went for a drive! We just headed over to Publix for a quick grocery stop, but it was an adventure nonetheless! We got all bundled before we headed out -- it's COLD here!!

Sawyer was up for it, though. He likes riding in the car, and even enjoyed the trip through the grocery store!

By the time we got back it was lunchtime!

I love this funny little grin where he crinkles his nose and shows off his teeth!

He was serious about his eating. This was the first time I'd fed him bananas. Yummy!

This is his "don't stop now" look.

We went right from lunch to the bath . . .

He loves his bath time! He'd just sit there and splash and play forever if I'd let him.

But I could tell after I'd pulled him out of the tub and got him dried off, that he was a sleepy fellow and ready for that afternoon nap!

So down he went, with his blankie and his animals. He didn't do a lot of talking with them yesterday. He pretty much just fell asleep!

After his nap, we played around for a bit under the tree . . . Sawyer's first Christmas tree!

The red ball ornament is one his mommy got for him specifically to play with, so he didn't feel left out! (Or the need to take one from the tree.)

He was very good about not touching, even though he was very taken with the tree and all the pretty sparkly lights and ornaments. As much as I wanted to snap a picture of him reaching for an ornament off the tree, he would not do it! Kim had told me that he listens to being told "No!" and he really does. In fact, I have to admit, I'm very impressed that he minds so well -- especially since he's only nine months old!

Nine months old!! How has this happened?!? This first year has gone by so quickly! I guess that's why -- even though the kids joke on me -- that I take so many pictures. Time passes and they grow and go . . . I want to be able to hold on to these moments for as long as my digital images hold up. They're too precious to hold simply in my memory (which is prone to fading)!

I'm glad I can also take video, which I'm only too happy to share!

Gosh, it won't be long before he's walking. And I love how when I call him 'bug-a-boo' he slides his eyes over to me with that little grin. Oh yeah, these are the memories I'm holding on to!

And it won't be too much longer before I'm capturing memories with another grandbaby! My picture here doesn't do it justice, but isn't it CUTE??! Kim created these for Joc's baby shower. Too darling!

Life is good. Strike that . . . life is GREAT!


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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

OMGosh - he is just TOO cute! What fun - no wonder you love Mondays and Tuesdays! Thanks for the smile today!