Tuesday, December 07, 2010

oh happy day . . .

As always, I enjoyed a wonderful Monday, spending it with my precious peek-a-boo boy!

He had a really great day yesterday; it's like he inherently knows that Santa Claus is checking that list twice!

One thing I noted yesterday was his hands -- they're so big and strong!

And yet they so lovingly touch my face and hold precious puppy for a kiss!

He's really such a good-natured little sport with such a ready smile.

And it cracks me up; he knows that when the orange light from the camera hits his face, it's time to smile!

Yesterday we had lots of play time on the floor.

And he'd move from toy to toy, depending on which one was making noise.

He's funny to watch *and* to listen to as he army crawls across the floor. He really does grunt.

And he makes my neck hurt just watching him crane that head all over the place!

Finally it was lunch time. We had apple/apricots with our cereal for lunch. Listen to me -- I say that like *I* was eating it too! Ugh. Was not. Well maybe just a spoonful, so I could know what he was experiencing.

I love the faces he makes while he's eating.

He's a great eater, too! I've never had him spit anything out.

The only thing about lunchtime is that it's real close to nap time! By the time we're done eating, we're *very* ready for a nap. Yeah, this time I do mean both of us. He's not really crying in the above photo, just letting me know he's ready to be down. It was a great shot of the two teeth!

After cleaning him up and putting him in his crib, he rolls over to his tummy and smiles his little smile; he knew he was tired! He rarely fights napping. He did play around in the crib for about ten, fifteen minutes before falling asleep. It was really cute listening to him chat it up with his animals. He's so sweet!

After his nap and afternoon bottle, we decided to have a hat fashion show.

I love this little hat, though it's a bit big. He kept tossing his head back to try and look at the bill.

So darling!

This one is a cap his other grandma made for him!

It made him happy to wear it! Oh my goodness, how can I resist that darling smile??

For some reason, he didn't like this one . . .

Or perhaps he was just tired of playing 'fashion show' with grandma. Probably.

I wish I could eloquently explain the swell of love that I have for this darling little guy; how precious and dear he is to me. When I watched him on Saturday night, I just wanted to pull him out of his crib and let him sleep on me, because he's so loving and snuggly!

It really excites me to have another one coming; more so because of what I remember about having my second baby. I remember being a little anxious. I so loved my firstborn -- how did loving a second baby compare? And then, after he was born, realizing that I didn't share the love I had for the first baby with the second baby; he got a whole heartful of love that was all his own! My capacity to love truly was multiplied. And that's what excites me -- that once again when grandbaby two arrives early next year, my capacity to love will multiply!!

Ack. I need a Kleenex.


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Cathy said...

My, oh my, but he is soooooo cute. I'm so excited about getting one of our own, and having such a difficult time waiting.

Paula and Mel said...

I am sure going to miss your updates on Sawyer and when your new grandbaby arrives. Hopefully I can get internet on the road and catch up now and then.
Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
I am going to miss your blog!!!!!

Gmama Jane said...

Oh, Denise, I could feel the love you have for Sawyer in your post and I sooooo understand that swell of love you talked about. Scott is with me every day from 7:30-3:30 and I think I must kiss him 50 times or more each day not to mention all the little hugs and cuddles I get. He & I are such buddies and he misses me on the weekends according to his parents. I also tell him I love him at least every 20-30 minutes. Grandchildren are more than wonderful! You are right about having enough love...because with 5 I feel like each one is so very special. I never realized I could love like this...I love my children but this grandchild thing is a whole new dimension of loving.
If there were cameras in my house watching Scott and I it would be quite a show with all the antics we perform. I dance to Diego EVERY time it comes on because Scott asks me to. A short fat little grnadmother dancing in the middle of her floor is quite a scene let me tell you. Scott thinks I'm pretty awesome though!
Loved your blog

Pat said...

Denise, very sweet baby!