Thursday, December 30, 2010

*some* of the rest of the pretties . . .

This will actually be a dual-purpose post. I wanted to share some of my favorites of the quilts supplied by our guild members to go with the exhibit of the Heroes Quilt. I wish I could have pulled up *all* of the quilts, but I settled for my favorites . . . I did want to finish this entry before the new year. LOL!

I also went to the orthopedist yesterday, and wanted to share a the results of that meeting. I'll do that at the end of this entry, so photos can be enjoyed unhindered!!

This first quilt is owned by Michele E. Our guild does a pretty cool thing; when the current guild president is finishing up her term, the rest of the board creates and makes a quilt for her! Michele was the guild's president last year, and this is the quilt that the guild presented to her . . .

Presidential Stars

This cute wall hanging was made by my friend, Kari H., for our HQH Quilt the Vote challenge in 2008. It was made with some darling (and very unique) fabrics, and embellished with felt stars . . .

Stars & Stripes Forever

This next one was my absolute favorite. It's owned/created by Georgia F. It too was made for a challenge -- this one to remember 9-11-2001. In her description, she included that "the cross depicts Christ's shed blood to redeem us from sin."

I AM Was There

This beautiful quilt was created by Barbara B. (who is a wonderful, wonderful quilter/teacher). She writes, "The ultimate patriotic quilt; precision piecing and exciting quilting designs make this a quilt with special appeal."

Red, White and Blue Stars & Stripes

I really liked this one too -- for two reasons. I loved the hand prints in the star and I loved that it was finished just in time as the quilter headed off on deployment to Iraq for a year. It's owned by Maria H.

Service Star Quilt

This striking wall hanging was done by another of my favorite quilters, Karen M. She paper pieced it for her husband's office. He collects eagles.

Land That I Love

And how could I *not* include this beautiful redwork quilt? It was created (I keep wanting to say "built") by Jo R. in 2001, in honor of the birth of our great country. Her stitchwork is simply gorgeous!

Patriotic Redwork

And lastly, I had to take a shot of this poster that was up at the exhibit!! I'm not sure I'll have a quilt for this show, but I'll definitely be a part of the works!

I can't wait to see the raffle quilt in person!

Okay -- now for the foot stuff. As I said, I had an appointment with my orthopedist yesterday. I've healed as much as I'm going to heal -- the pain and swelling I'm left with is the result of my traumatic injury, and will not get better (though it may get worse). She gave me a couple of options. The first was to do nothing and live with the pain. I don't think I want to do that. There's still too much life left to quit being active!!

The second option was not really an option for me (per the surgeon). Complete ankle replacement. She said that the technology has not really advanced in ankle replacements like it has for hips and knees.

The third option is a fusion surgery. This would eliminate the pain and most of the swelling, but I'd also lose some motion. The surgery would be put about where I was after the accident. With 12+ weeks of recovery in a boot, and 6-8 weeks of that as non-weight bearing. And then physical therapy, to teach me how to walk. Hmmm. You know it's one thing to find yourself in the circumstance, quite another to have to chose it!

The fourth option is an Arizona brace. It's a leather brace that starts mid-way on your foot and runs up the length of your calf. It laces up the front and immobilizes your ankle as if you'd had it fused, and redirects the stress up the leg. She said she'd had patients that had worn them and loved them, and had worn them and loved the relief but HATED the brace and opted for the fusion surgery.

With another grandbaby on the way and family coming in March and so many things I want to do (and not wanting to have to move out of the RV, or give up watching Sawyer on Mondays, or sewing with my machine, or not being able to drive at all or work regularly) -- it's a tough decision to make. Because I also am *really* tired of the constant, persistent pain. And quite frankly, the knowledge that I'll never be as good as I was before the accident can be incredibly depressing. Bleh.

Anyway, we decided to go with the brace and see how that went. I got fitted for it yesterday. Oh my. I'd kind of pictured something like a leather boot moccasin. Uh, no. LOL!! Since it's a custom made piece, it'll take about a week or so to make, and then I'll be styling! I'll post updates and photos (maybe) when I get it and am strapped in!

Until then, I'm going to breathe in and breathe out. And quilt. And take care of my darling husband. And love my children and my grandbaby. And be grateful for life.


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Cathy said...

Yikes, talk about a choice among evils!! The brace certainly sounds like the least of the evils. I'll be praying that it works for you. If it works, who cares what it looks like! You'll still be you, regardless of how it looks.

Pat said...

I"m so sorry for the lousy choices you have regarding your foot, but it does sound like you made the only reasonable choice for this point in your life. I know you're not a vain person and won't be put off by it not being very "stylish". I will pray that it works for you and can give you as much time as you need before you decide on surgery (if, indeed, you decide on surgery). Love the quilts you showed us today, too.

Asiyah said...

Big hugs to you Denise. I know it's hard for you to make the decision you are facing but I can't WAIT to hear the blessing on the other side of this!

Paula and Mel said...

Oh my! The choices are difficult. I truely hope the brace works for you. I am sure it is no fun living in pain. I will pray that this will be a good answer for you. Keep your spirits up. Hugs

Anonymous said...

I, too, am looking for a solution to my long-time damaged ankle, but am leaning toward the STAR ankle replacement; I suggest getting another opinion about that avenue. My regular ortho is of the "fusion" camp, but when I insisted on researching the replacement option, he referred me to the top guy (at Georgetown)in the area. He says I'm an ideal candidate...but I want to discuss it with someone who has been through it.
Good luck. Paul

Gmama Jane said...

I am just now reading this post, Denise. What a horrible choice!!?? I think I would have made the same choice as you at this point. Always try the least invasive first. Do you have to rely on much pain medication at this point? That is what I would worry about. Your body gets tolerant and then you have to keep taking more and more over time. I would get some second and even thrid opinions as well as do some research online of options before I made any surgery decisions. I will pray for God to show you the right option as well as relieve you of the pain. You have way too much living to do!! Blessings