Tuesday, February 08, 2011

baby to toddler . . .

I can hardly believe this darling, precious little guy will turn ONE YEAR OLD next month! Where has this last year gone?! Certainly, though, for as quickly as it's passed for me, Sawyer has grown in leaps and bounds, and is definitely moving into the toddler realm!

I'm not sure what had caught his fascination up there, but I do adore his little profile!

He's about to bounce out of his swing -- but he still loves it so. He's gets so excited and I love to watch him dance, twirl, and jump, and to listen to him laugh and "talk" while he's at it!

There were a few quiet moments (not just his nap times) yesterday. He will sit with a book and page through it for quite a while. He likes turning the pages, regardless of who's doing the reading, him or me!

Still a ham. He knew very well that I was taking a picture. He purposefully scrunched up his little face!

And his first word (after mama and dada)? BALL! Says it plain as day, and knows exactly what it means, too. That's my grandboy!

Climbing, furniture walking, scooting . . . he's perpetual motion!

I took lots of pictures yesterday, and caught some *great* smiles and laughs, but unfortunately, because he's so on the move, most of yesterday's pictures look like this . . .

A baby BLUR!! LOL!

Todd came over and we stayed at Kim & James' for dinner last night.

I'd gotten dinner in the crock pot early yesterday, and we enjoyed pork tenderloin with sauerkraut, smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yeast rolls for a yummy dinner. And for dessert?

I even had time to make an apple pie! It was a nice evening -- we really enjoy spending time with our adult children. We're so proud of them!

One little upset yesterday -- I got up off the couch yesterday evening, got twisted up, and really wrenched my knee, but good. Unfortunately, it was on the left -- my good leg. This morning I'm shuffling around like a little old lady. Not a pretty sight. I'm hoping that a little Aleve, some ice, and elevation will have it good as new by tomorrow. Luckily, it didn't happen while I was still watching Sawyer -- I'm not sure I could have managed, it hurt that badly!

And for my sister, an up-to-date comparison on the feet . . .

This is first thing this morning, so the swelling is at its lowest. It's still painful; the brace eliminates mostly all of the pain for a bit -- but it's rather like when I started on the anti-inflammatory, Celebrex. It was awesome for two weeks, and then slowly things slipped back to where they were. I'm beginning to wonder if I just need to steel myself to being in pain. I go back to the doctor this week, and I'll see what she says.

On a happier note, being propped up on the couch today provides me with the perfect opportunity to do some hand stitching . . . I see an owl quilt finish coming soon!!


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Cathy said...

That is so sad, that the brace isn't working as well as it was. Maybe this is to be your "thorn in the flesh", but I sure hope not.