Friday, February 04, 2011

pillow talk . . .

I can't believe that Todd and I held our ministry's FOURTH annual board meeting today! It's been such an amazing thing to see how God's moved and used us through the last several years. The meeting was a good one, and I was left with a free afternoon.

What to do, what to do?!?

The final thing I had to finish (besides the quilt) for Everett's nursery were the pillows, so that's where I got busy today! Don't laugh, but I think it's so much cheaper to go to Big Lots or Dollar General and get a couple of pillows, than to buy pillow forms. Today I got two 18" square pillows for $10.

I did one out of the same fabric I'm using for the quilt. I wasn't even paying attention to which four owls I used, though. LOL! I had some matchie-matchie green piping--enough for one pillow, anyway--so I used it on this one. I think it adds a nice, finished look.

I backed it with the flannel I'm backing the quilt with. I like to do these as slip covers, especially for a nursery -- they can be pulled off and tossed in the washer/dryer, if need be. Also, the pillows can easily be tossed and replaced.

The second pillow I just made a 4-square from the curtain and bumper pad fabrics. It's a little bigger and floppier than the first pillow. This is like the backup pillow to the focal pillow. (Did I just make that up, or what?!?)

And I backed this one the same way . . . soft and cozy flannel, slip cover fashion.

See, don't they look fun together?!

Tomorrow will be the day we put it all together! Whoohoo!!

Happy Friday, ya'll!


3 expressed . . .:

Kathleen said...

Your pillows look great. And I'm not laughing... I'm taking notes!

Cathy said...

They look totally wonderful! Great job. Have fun tomorrow

Pat said...

Love the pillows.....and I often do the same thing (instead of buying pillow forms). I'm glad your Board meeting went well......the years do fly by, don't they?