Saturday, February 05, 2011

busy, BUSY day . . .

What a DAY! I am spent, but it's a happy kind of spent. Joc & I had a super productive day, and I have the photos to prove it!

First, we hit the kitchen and put up a total of 26 entrees in her freezer!

From meatloaf to pizza rolls to oriental chicken to chicken spaghetti (13 different entrees) we put up at least two of each entree (most of our recipes make for 6 to 8 -- since there's just the two of them, splitting each entree in half gave them twice the bang for the buck). It took us about five hours, and some finely tuned teamwork, but we ended up with this lovely sight to behold . . .

I know it will be a relief for Jocelyn to have this bounty after Everett's born!

And speaking of that darling little soon-to-be-here boy, after we finished cooking, we headed right up to:

Everett's room!!

First, we plopped the pillows in the rocker and got the curtains hung . . .

Isn't this a cozy little corner? I love the orange table lamp! We needed hooks for the ribbons on the curtains. She said she'd get Jason to put those in.

Next, the biggest labor of love -- installing the skirt and the bumper pads.

They look pretty darn cute (if I do say so myself)!

And here's Everett's bookshelf with lots of fun things.

And his closet is already filled with fun toys, helpful mommy tools, and cute, cute clothes!

And just because, here's another shot of the crib. LOL! I love her woodland creatures mobile!

Everett's Aunt Jenna, who is an incredibly talented artist, painted this darling owl . . .

And finally, the changing table. Isn't the vinyl decal on the wall just darling? Joc found this on etsy. It's perfect.

She's done such a marvelous job pulling the nursery together. I'm so proud of her! I know that having the accessories in place makes her feel a little more prepared. Her due date is in eleven days!! WOW!! I'm so excited!

And this is Princess Leia. She was very curious about what we were doing in her room.

She is in for a rather rude awakening in a few short weeks!

Now, the only thing left? Four owls to outline stitch on the quilt. The binding is cut and pressed and waiting for me. Whoohoo!

And now. BEDTIME!


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Cathy said...

That is just the cutest, most adorable, tear jerkingly sweet room i have ever seen!!!!! I love the painting. And the crib looks so inviting, just waiting to be filled with a sweet little boy. I'm so excited with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Wow, you gals were on a roll today!! Won't Joc love having all that delicious food once Everett gets here? What a big help that will be. And the nursery is AMAZING!!! It needs to be in a magazine. So adorable! All it is missing is that sweet baby boy! I know you all were sure proud of how the room turned out. It is beautiful! Love & blessings from NC!

Pat said...

The room looks WONDERFUL and between that and the food in the freezer, I'd say she is READY!!! Soon you will be posting photos of that little sweetie for us...can't wait!

Quilt Hollow said...

OMG...absolutely adorable room and I just love the owl picture!!! So much fun waiting for the blessing...hugs! Mary