Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cribbage . . .

No, I'm not talking baby cribs, I'm talking about the board game, cribbage! I received a wonderful - surprise - gift in the mail over the weekend. A cribbage board carved from elk antler!

It's really quite stunning -- the photos don't do it justice.

My great uncle carves the boards out of antlers he's found, walking in the woods of Montana, his home state. He'd made my dad one, which I had the pleasure of playing on when I visited for my folk's 50th anniversary. I e-mailed my great uncle (who we lovingly call "Great Grand") and asked if it might be possible to get one of these beautiful creations. He wasn't sure he was going to be able to find the antler to do it, so I figured it probably wouldn't happen.

But I was WRONG! When I went to the post office Saturday morning, I knew we had a package waiting -- I just thought it was something Todd had ordered. Todd thought it was something he'd ordered. Then I was handed this box, with *my* name on it, and it had a MONTANA return address, and I almost couldn't make it to the car before opening it up!

And he even put my initials on the board. I'm just so tickled! Joc came over yesterday to relieve the monotony of still being pregnant, and I taught her to play. We'll be holding a cribbage tournament, no doubt, when my family heads up here next month! Whoohoo!

I'm so touched by this gift. Cribbage, anyone?!?


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docslyst said...

What a wonderful gift and a real treasure because it was made by your uncle. I love to play cribbage. Been a long time.