Monday, February 21, 2011

bear/bare design wall . . .

Umm, yes. I do know the difference between bear and bare! But my design wall/board/table is b-a-r-e because I'm working on a b-e-a-r!

Who knew that a pile of faux fur . . .

Could be turned into something as adorable and snuggly as this darling American Teddy Bear?!?

Can you not just see this handsome fellow in the woods, making his way towards the teddy bear picnic?

So Saturday I took part 1 of the teddy bear workshop our quilt guild was offering. The woman leading the workshop has made hundreds of these darling critters, and was happy to share her expertise *and* her fur!

I picked two -- the blond and a very dark, dark brown. Because the brown had short hair, I picked it to work with first. The longer hair looked daunting to me, but in retrospect, because of the way you are supposed to cut, I think the longer hair would have been easier.

Our job Saturday was to cut it out, pin it together, and watch her demonstrate sewing the pieces together. Our homework is to sew the pieces together and turn them right-side-out.

She also gave us the hardware that we'll use at the next workshop to put his pieces together. We'll also put on his eyes and nose.

Aren't they darling? And of course I had to make two!!!

But this is really what I should be working on . . .

Turn in date comes quickly -- I'd hate to have to use my "Oops" card this early in the game!

Enjoying the day off? Well then you must take time to browse on over to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times to see what else is going on in the quilting world today! So many talented people out there working on quilt projects!

Tonight, I'm headed to the first meeting of a ladies book club at our church, Lighthouse Baptist. We are reading, Dinner With a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory. It's a great read, and if you're a Kindle user, it was only 99¢!

Have a great day -- I'm waiting on Everett Samuel to decide to make his appearance. We're hoping for a "fair of face" or "full of grace" baby!


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AnnieO said...

So cute teddies! They look a lot like Steiff bears. I made quite a few teddies years ago and they were fun to work on.

Good luck with your new babe in the family--hope he shows today!

Cathy said...

I love making stuffed animals. I used to make quite a few of them, before quilting took over my life. I sure hope your new little boy shows up soon, and doesn't keep you waiting too long. Are you having a Sawyer Monday?

Marti said...

Cute little bears. It looks difficult.

kwiltnkats said...

I enjoyed your word play on B E A R or is it B A R E! Real cute. No you can't use your oops card so early in Judy's Challenge. There is always something close at hand to pull us away from deadlines...resist. But I'm hoping you'll have fun with the bears, hmm how many hours do you figure you need for UFO #10..Can't wait to see your two bears!

Alycia said...

The teddies turned out SO cute!!

Gmama Jane said...

This was the only way I knew to reach you. I'm praying without ceasing for you and Jos. I love you both.
May God's Grace cover you